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Report On“Advertisement: Economic And Social Aspect” -First Session

Department of Commerce and Department of Hindi organized a workshop on "Advertisement: Economic and Social Aspect" on 19th September, 2019. The lecture was held in two sessions - Economic aspect in the first session and social aspect in the second session. Dr. GayatriVerma , Associate professor , Department of Commerce, Laxmibai College, University of Delhi addressed the first session on Economic aspect and Dr. VaishaliBilla, Associate Professor, VIPS, IP University addressed the second session on social aspect. Dr. Mamta Sharma, Principal, Aditi Mahavidyalaya, welcomed guests and talked about making ADITI- a brand and it is up to students to promote positiveaspects of the college.

Dr. GayatriVerma started session by explaining about features and objectives of advertisements. Different appeals such as social, emotional and moral appeal used by advertisers to persuade customers were also discussed. She made the session lively,fun and interactive by offering chocolates to students for their correct answers to questions asked during workshop. Economic aspects of advertisements such as value of products, effects on prices , effect on consumerdemands and choices and effects on business cycles were thoroughly discussed. Finally,she concluded the session by focusing that a balance should be maintained while advertising for welfare of the people.

Social aspects of advertising were emphasized in second session by Dr. VaishaliBilla. She started with how human behavior is influenced using market Principles for social benefit rather than commercial benefit. Many positive and negative aspects  were also discussed during session such as deception in advertising, effect on our values system, subliminal advertising and offensiveness of some advertisements. Session was madeinterestedby playing videos of advertisements having social impact on public.

Posted By : Aditi  |   Posted On : 23-09-2019  |  At : 09:59:04