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Inter-Disciplinary Lecture Cum Training Series" On “Gender, Legal And Health Issues In Women’s Lives” ( 23rd, 24th, 25th October And 2nd November 2018) - 2018-19

Under the aegis of the  Cultural Committee, a group of lecturers Mrs. Neerja Nagpal (Co-convener, Cultural Committee), Dr. Sadhana Jain (Home Science), Mr Baldev Gulati and Dr.Mali D. Sawariya (N.S.S.), Dr.Bhawana Rajput (Medical Committee) organized a four- day, "Inter-Disciplinary Lecture cum Training Series" on “Gender, Legal and Health Issues in Women’s Lives” on  23rd, 24th, 25th October and 2nd November 2018 with the goal of preparing students for their successful transition into the world of work and its challenges. The Series was focussed on the North East Region. The specific objective of this series was to train youth, who are about to enter into motherhood, workforce and other challenging roles and that they ought to comprehend the state of the health practices, the importance of children’s and mothers’ well-being, social and intellectual paradigms of gender  (construction of gender, alternative sexualities, stereotypes and gender fluidity). It hoped to enhance  their existing set of skills to the next level and prepare to perform their future roles efficiently. Around 100 students participated in this Series and made it a successful experience and comprehended  the intersections of gender, health and sexuality their everyday lives. 

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