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Vittiya Saksharta Abhiyaan’ - 2016-17

NSS of Aditi Mahavidyalya systematically and enthusiastically organized Digital Literacy Campaign for students, non-teaching staff and teaching faculties. The faculty and students of the institution get actively engaged and involved in the realization of the goal. The implementation of this campaign is not one-time task but it involves continuous efforts. The institution planned the implementation of Digital Literacy Campaign in various stages. To launch the campaign ‘Vittiya Saksharta Abhiyaan’ first of all the student of the college was trained in various methods of ‘digital payments’ through in-house workshops. Apart from it, we initiated the digital awareness campaign in the Bawana Village and taught methods of doing digital transactions to the small road side vendors, shopkeepers and older people.

A big workshop was organized on 17.2.2017 for the students regarding digital payment given by resource persons from various banks and later on, groups were formed and individual queries were satisfied. These students prepared self-help groups to literate the family members of their neighbourhood as well as street vendors. A skit was also prepared and presented on a similar theme to create awareness in the college premises and outside the college. Various groups of students were sent in the different localities of the village near the college to educate the masses. The responses of the local people were overwhelming in a way that they do not know about the methods of the cashless transaction rather had lots of apprehensions. It was observed that there is a need to conduct more training workshops to understand and practice the digital methods during our interaction with people of different socio-economic strata in the community of Bawana. The institution has decided to take the further initiative in this direction and a team of NSS volunteers regularly working in the community to make everyone literate with digital transactions.


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