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Installation Of A Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine ( 01-05-17) - 2016-17

Under the NSS initiative is also a notable step to break the taboos is the installation of a Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine in the college by collaborating with CSR Research Foundation. During this event, a documentary on Awareness, Availability, Affordability theme promoting women healthcare, hygiene, gender sensitivity and women Empowerment was screened.  The step is appreciated by the students as the students here come from rural Delhi and nearby villages of Haryana. The event has really given voice to students to stand up and raise their voice on this much-hidden issue. As a teacher, it was proud to see them speak on this platform about the importance of this effort.   The kiosk has come up as a saviour for many of the girls who travel from far away. The machine saves the never-ending search for napkins from classmates, and of going out in this uncomfortable time to buy some. Also, it’s known to very less that lack of sanitary hygiene may lead to cervical cancer, also irritation and rashes.

Posted By : Aditi  |   Posted On : 11-05-2020  |  At : 02:38:15