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Annual Departmental Excursion To Jaipur(March 25-26, 2016)

The Department had organized a 2 day educational trip to the Pink City of Jaipur for students to enlighten them about diverse crafts prevalent in distant parts of our country. The much awaited visit to the “Rangotri” enterprises  portrayed craftsmanship of artisans in block printing who had converted their artistic legacy into a grossly successful export  business. The students had an opportunity to visit the Rajasthan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) for seminar on “Trading and commercial activities of Rajasthan“ conducted by Mr K L Jain (Secretary General, RCCI), who citing example of trade and commerce in his state educated the students that prospects to develop a business could be created everywhere, and from the remotest of materials. Towards the end, the crew headed for a fun filled evening at ChowkiDhani that embodies the spirit of Rajasthani culture in form of dance forms and scrumptious Rajasthani food.

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