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Vanijyam 2017-18

The annual commerce festival 'Vanijyam-2018' spread over a period of three days i.e. from 20-22 Feb, 2018, culminated numerous events that symbolized the ideology of our Department. The annual festival was inaugurated by the Principal Dr.Mamta Sharma. A Special Lecture Triology encompassing various facets of development was arranged on topics like 'Careers in Banking', 'Budget and Practical Application of G.S.T.' and 'Effective Public Speaking' with eminent subject experts Ms. Manisha, Dr. S.B. Rathore and Mr. Ravi Manoram respectively as keynote speakers. All the sessions were interactive session with students, in which they raised their concerns & queries about the topic which were effectively addressed by the speaker. The lectures ended with a practice session wherein students volunteered to address the audience on an impromptu basis on certain topics given by the guest speakers. The sessions were very informative and will be helpful for students in their careers ahead and to effectively communicate in future.  To build and judge mental and commercial dexterity of students, events like Kho-Kho, Start – Up Business, AD – MAD Show, Human Ludo, Business Quiz, Art Galleria and the Selfie Wall were organised. The students came up with really amazing & innovative ideas &gave their full efforts for all the events. They made very interesting & useful products using their talents, imagination and creativity in start up business event.The festival concluded with great razmatazz as various titles like Ms. Vanijyam, Ms, Fresh Face etc. were   conferred to students who shall bear fond memories of the same to cherish in their hearts. Contribution of each and every individual made this event a great success.

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