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Rural Camp To Development Action Awareness Nationwide(D.A.A.N), Udaipur, Rajasthan (7/1/2018 To 12/1/2018) - 2017-18

The Rural Camp is a part of curriculum which is organized every year for B.A.(Hons) Social Work students from third year. In this academic session 2017-2018 it is organized to Development Action Awareness Nationwide (D.A.A.N), Udaipur, Rajasthan from 7th January to-12th January 2018. It is a pioneer voluntary organization that engaged with the community addresses issues related to gender, sexual reproductive health, differences in the body which come with the age and other social issues like caste, religion and gender. They also work for overall capacity-building of youth and promote education and awareness among the youth and other community members.

Posted By : Aditi  |   Posted On : 17-04-2020  |  At : 05:41:39