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Department Of Social Work- Interactive Sessiontitled “Opening Horizons To The Third Gender” (24/9/2019) - 2019-2020

An interactive session titled “Opening Horizons to The Third Gender” was organized as part of extensive lecture series 2019-20 with a team of experts from NGO-SPACE in association with department of social work on 24th September, 2019. The Principal Inaugurated and welcomed the guests. The session was attended by  B.A. (Hons) Social work students (42). Resource person Anjan Joshi (NGO-SPACE) led the team of four members from SPACE. The session began with understanding the concepts of Gender, Gender-identity, Gender Expression, Transgender, Sexual Orientation, LGBTIQA. The session further focused on the labelling, stigma and discrimination of the sexual minority persons. How because they are not understood and accepted, they are rejected by families, friends and the society. This sensitisation session is a way forward so that the majority population is able to be aware of the existences and rights of the sexual minorities. We need to build a society friendly to the LGBTIQA, so that we are able to have an inclusive society. The students questioned the many myths and misconceptions on gender identity and diversities. Students clarified their doubts and showed interest to work for a gender-neutral society.

Posted By : Aditi  |   Posted On : 19-04-2020  |  At : 11:40:34