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Report On Extensive Lecture Series- Special Lectures On 17/09/2019

The extensive lecture series committee in association with Department of Commerce and Department of English organized three interactive sessions on 17th September, 2019.

The first session on the topic “Out of Office: Too stressed to work” offered valuable insight to the students about the problems and stress they may face at work level. The resource person Dr. Vandana Gambhir Chopra, Assistant professor in Psychology in Keshav Mahavidyalya, University of Delhi and soft skill behavioral trainer, made session lively and interactive with a lot of group activities conducted during the session. It gave the students an opportunity to study latent stress in their life and ways of handling it. She also talks of effective techniques to manage work life balance.

The second session was about “Cyber crime and Social Media “. The resource person Dr. Rajanikant Verma, Associate Professor in department of Commerce, Zakhir Husain college, University of Delhi, talked at length about different types of cyber crimes-how individuals are affected by it. He talked about issues like cyber stalking, spoofing, phishing, bank frauds, email related crimes, hacking, viruses, Trojan attacks and many more. As social media platforms become more intrinsic to our daily lives, he also discussed how it has become crucial attack vector that individuals and even organizations can no longer ignore. He ended the session by sharing numerous tips on online safety against cyber crime by using strong passwords, keeping software updated, managing social media settings, strengthening private networks and a lot more.

The third session was about “Enhancing Communication skills” and speaker Dr. Archana Kaushik, Associate Professor, Department of Social work, University of Delhi discussed about assertive and unassertive aspects of communication. She also briefed students on the importance of communication skills not just in outside world but also in family, friends and relatives. Real life examples were given to discuss different styles of communication such as direct-indirect communication and mask communication and how they all are interrelated. To make communication effective, it must be clear and direct. She concluded the session by focusing on importance of listening skills which acts as meditation to a greater extent.

Posted By : Aditi  |   Posted On : 23-09-2019  |  At : 09:50:12