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International Competition SCUDEM-III (25-10-2018) - 2018-19

An International competition SCUDEM-III was organized by the department of Mathematics, Aditi Mahavidayalaya on 25-10-2018 in colloboration with SIMIODE(Systemetic Initative for Modeling Investigating and Oppurtinies with Differential Equatiopns), USA.

Two teams having 8 students with coach Dr. Suruchi Singh and Dr. S.K. Yadav participated in the event.


Name of the students participated:

Priyanka (B El Ed 3rd year)

G. Narmada Devi (B El Ed 3rd year)

Jyoti Tiwari (B El Ed 3rd year)

Rakhi (B El Ed 3rd year)

Shilpi Bansal (B El Ed 2nd year)

Sheetal Yaduvanshi (B El Ed 2nd year)

Akriti Gupta (B El Ed 2nd year)

Vaishali Dahiya  (B El Ed 2nd year)

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