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Report On Extensive Lecture Series And Report Of HDFE Organizedon 04.09.19

The extensive lecture series committee in collaboration with Department of English and Department of Commerce  organized an interactive  session on “HANDLING INTERVIEWS” .The session offered valuable insight to the students about the challenges faced by them with regard to interviews . The resource person Dr.TasneemShahnaaz, Associate Professor, Department of English, Sri Auribindo College, University of Delhi talked at length about different types of interviews that students can come across in future. She also discussed about what preparations one should do while preparing for Interviews and shared some tips on it that can help students to be more confident while facing them. The session was made lively with role play and handouts that kept the audience engaged and interested. The session offered a platform  to the students to share their anxieties and concerns about interviews. The Principal Dr.Mamta Sharma also shared her valuable inputs with the students.


The department of Human Development and Family Empowerment in collaboration with department of English and Commerce participated in an Extensive Inter Disciplinary Lecture Series held on 4th September 2019.  A special lecture on “Laws for Protection of Children’s Interest” was conducted by Dr Anubha Rajesh, Chair Professor, Centre for Early Childhood development and Research (CECDR), JamiaMilliaIslamia.

The major thrust was analysis of situation of children in India. Developing a cognizance that children are not a homogenous group and their different needs need different responses, especially the multi-dimensional vulnerabilities experienced by children in different circumstances. Against this backdrop, the various policies and laws for children were understood as towhether they have been able to bring about a change? What are the challenges in creating an integrated, inclusive and sustainable approach for the overall and harmonious development and protection of children was dwelled upon.


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