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Two Days Seminar Cum Workshop On ‘Creating Divyaang Friendly Environment’ And ‘Concerns And Potentials Of Special Children’ (Janurary, 2020) 2019-2020

The department organized two days seminar cum workshop along with Enabling unit and India Inspires Committee of the college on ‘Creating Divyaang Friendly Environment’ and ‘Concerns and Potentials of Special Children’ for the students of semester 6 who are studying a paper on ‘Children with Special Needs’ and semester 4 students who are studying the organizationand management of child care institutions as part of their syllabus. The students of semester 4 given hands on training in organizing the event by assigning them various responsibilities. The students of semester 6 were given the task of preparing poster with appropriate slogan on differently abled children as part of their project work.

Posted By : Aditi  |   Posted On : 25-04-2020  |  At : 01:12:51