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At the invitation of Spic Macay, the cultural committee of Aditi Mahavidyalya sent seven students and teachers to take part in grand Ardh kumbh 2019 – “the world’s largest congregation of religious pilgrims” – to Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh. The aim was to understand and attempt to study a number of events processes, phenomenon and traditions. The Mela in the confluence of faith, culture and economic enterprise. In the little time the troupe had, we could see aarti, oblation and offerings being made by families to God for the well- being of their progenies, businesses, money and fortunes. The common theme that linked most visitors was the desire for salvation from rebirth and freedom from the sins of their birth via holy dips in the confluence of the Ganga, the Yamuna and the (mythical) Saraswati. Troupe got opportunity to interact with Padamshri Bharatanatyam dancer Geeta Chandra, Padma Vibhushan kathak dancer Pandit Birju Maharaj on 14th Feb 2019 and to enjoy Baul dance performance by Shri Ravi Das from Shantiniketan, West Bengal on 15th Feb 2019. The troupe also participated in the signature campaign for cleanliness, menstrual hygiene and to prevent child marriage with Parmarth Niketan. The pandals were established by followers of different sects, multiple preachings, sadhu of many hues and various genders, including trans genders. The troupe had the opportunity to cruise the river and explore the sides of the historical Allahabad fort. A visit was also made to see the inside of the fort and the so called miraculous tree the “Akshay Vat”. The architecture of the fort by the riverside shows the beautiful stone worth of Mughal Emperor Akbar. It was an experience that enriched the troupe in multiple ways.

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