Endeavouring to assemble a diverse auction suited for both emerging and seasoned collectors, the Important Watches sale will include an assortment of vintage and … NO LOT SHALL BE CONSIDERED A COUNTERFEIT BY REASON ONLY OF ANY DAMAGE AND/OR RESTORATION AND/OR MODIFICATION WORK OF ANY KIND (INCLUDING REPAINTING OR OVER-PAINTING). • Payments by Swiss Francs (CHF) Cash and CUP can only be accepted at Sotheby’s premises at 2, Rue Francois-Diday, 1204 Geneva, Switzerland. • Cheques: should be made payable to Sotheby’s. If the amount outstanding then remains unpaid for fourteen days following such notice, we shall be entitled to arrange and carry out the sale of any such property in accordance with (e) above; (h)             charge you the ‘seller’s commission’ and our reasonable legal and administrative costs incurred; (i)              charge you interest at a rate not exceeding 6% (six per cent) per annum above the discount rate quoted by ‘Sotheby’s’ principal bank in Geneva from time to time on the ‘total amount due’ to the extent that it remains unpaid for more than five (5) working days after the date of the auction; (j)              store the lot at ‘Sotheby’s’ premises or elsewhere at the ‘buyer’s’ sole risk and expense; (k)             reject any bids made by or on your behalf at any future auction or require you to make a deposit with us before accepting any such bids. In the event you are eligible for a VAT rebate based on your confirmed delivery address, Sotheby’s may reissue the Buyer’s Invoice. References in the e-catalogue descriptions to certificates or reports issued by gemological laboratories are provided only for the information of bidders, and Sotheby’s does not guarantee and accepts no responsibility for the accuracy, terms or information contained in such certificates or reports. 27. US Merchandise Processing Fee, buyer's shipping costs (which include the transit insurance fee). 46. Please be advised that straps made of material derived from endangered or otherwise protected species (i.e. Errors may occur in the currency converter and you should not rely on it as a substitute for the Swiss francs bidding. A. In our opinion, any bid for an amount which is between the high pre-sale estimate and the low pre-sale estimate stated in the online sale information for the lot would offer a chance of success. Furthermore, in reference to watch bands, we do not guarantee the material of manufacture. View auction details, art exhibitions and online catalogues; bid, buy and collect contemporary, impressionist or modern art, old masters, jewellery, wine, watches, prints, rugs and books at sotheby's auction house In the event the interested party’s possible participation in the sale is not known until after the printing of the auction catalogue, a pre-lot announcement will be made indicating that interested parties may be bidding on the lot. Sotheby’s therefore provides certain services, including, but not limited to, the process of concluding the sale contract between the seller and the buyer. pending. Lots purchased shall be paid for in accordance with Condition 12, and the denial of any export or import licence required or any delay in the obtaining of such licence shall not justify the rescission or cancellation of the sale by you or any delay by you in making payment of the ‘total amount due’ for the lot. (iii)            The singular includes the plural and vice versa where the context requires. I/We* hereby give notice that I/We* cancel my/our sale of the following goods [*]/for the provision of the following services [*], Signature of online consumer(s) [only if the notification is in hard copy], C.             CONDITIONS MAINLY CONCERNING SELLERS. 20 (a). If this occurs, Sotheby’s will extend the sale of that lot by 2 minutes from the time of the last bid. (v)             Where terms have special meanings ascribed to them, a glossary may appear in the online sale information for the relevant online only auction. If your destination country is not listed in the drop-down menu on our shipping calculator, please contact Sotheby’s (contact information is on the shipping calculator page) and provide details of the lot number, the address to which you wish to ship together with your maximum bid. Sotheby’s cannot and does not undertake full due diligence on every item sold. Payment to be made by you to us: Following the online only auction, you will be liable to pay us the following sums: (i)              the ‘seller’s commission’; and. You may bid at or above the starting bid displayed on the Online Only Platform. The reserve is generally set at a percentage of the low estimate and will not exceed the low estimate for the lot. (b) In the event that Sotheby’s receives a purchase cancellation notification from the online consumer during the online cancellation period, Sotheby’s shall (i) inform the online trader (as seller) that the online consumer has exercised the right to cancel the purchase of the Lot as soon as reasonably practicable; and (ii) reimburse (without undue delay and in any event within fourteen (14) calendar days after receipt of the returned lot from the online consumer within the time frame specified in Condition 16(a)(ii)) payments received by Sotheby’s from the online consumer (including the purchase price and any standard online delivery costs). If, however, the property is withdrawn by us for any other reason, you shall pay us a withdrawal compensation fee together with any ‘expenses’. Bids can be submitted through the online only platform from the start of the online only auction until the bidding period displayed for the relevant lot closes. However, these Conditions of Business shall be binding on any of your successors, assigns, trustees, executors, administrators and representatives. Auction Results. The online sale information will identify the seller of the lot as an online consumer (and therefore, by inference, not an online trader) for the purposes of consumer protection in certain jurisdictions. Sotheby’s Fall Auction concluded last Friday. It is the buyer's sole responsibility to identify and obtain any necessary export, import, firearm, endangered species or other permit for the lot. (ii)             No act, failure to act or partial act by ‘Sotheby’s’ shall be deemed a waiver of any of its rights hereunder. If we become aware of a competing title claim to or lien over, a lot consigned by you, we shall not release the lot to you until the title claim or lien, as applicable, has been finally resolved to our satisfaction. Any notice sent to us shall be sent to 2 Rue François-Diday, 1204 Geneva. But this longtime patron of the Met would likely have been wearing one of the 29 jewels that will be auctioned at Sothebys in December. The ‘net sale proceeds’ will be applied in reduction of your debt. Please refer to Condition 12 of these Conditions of Business for further information. Lots with this symbol have been identified at the time of cataloguing as containing organic material which may be subject to restrictions regarding import or export. The Bond Street Sale. View information on collector car auction dates, schedule details, event info, how to register to bid, how to consign, or how to buy tickets for RM Sotheby's. Purchased lots cannot be delivered to P.O. Where the purchaser has provided Sotheby’s with a valid Resale Exemption Certificate prior to the release of the property, sales / use tax will not be charged. If you are considering buying or selling at auction our experts can give you confidential professional advice on all aspects of the watch market. A buyer’s inability to export or import these lots cannot justify a delay in payment or a sale’s cancellation. Export/import and embargoes: No representations or warranties are made by ‘Sotheby’s’ or the ‘seller’ as to whether any lot is subject to any export restrictions from Switzerland or any import restrictions of any other country. Vuoi soltanto vedere l'asta in diretta o anche partecipare ed offrire in asta? FURTHER INFORMATION REGARDING SHIPPING, EXPORT OF PROPERTY AND RELATED MATTERS. If an agent is advising you or bidding on your behalf with respect to a lot identified as being subject to an irrevocable bid, you should request that the agent disclose whether or not he or she has a financial interest in the lot. In cases where two equivalent maximum bids are submitted, the first bid received will take priority. We make no representation or warranty as to the condition of any lot sold. Collectively, the Watches results were mediocre, as several lots were withdrawn unexpectedly. Consequently you may use the calculator to establish in advance of bidding the likely range of shipping prices that you would incur if you are the successful bidder for a particular lot - for example you may wish to input your maximum bid in order to understand the maximum shipping price for the item, but you may also wish to input the bid at which you hope to secure the lot. Sotheby’s will not be liable for any errors or failure by bidders to place bids using the online only platform via the internet or a mobile device (except where any such error or failure is within Sotheby’s reasonable control) including, without limitation, errors or failures caused by: (i) any loss of connection between bidders and the online only platform; (ii) a breakdown or fault with the online bidding software or other technical services which relate to the online only platform; and/or (iii) a breakdown or fault with any internet connection, computer, mobile device or system. Our guarantee to you in respect of counterfeit lots: if Sotheby’s sells any gemstone or pearls which the ‘buyer’ subsequently shows to ‘Sotheby’s’ reasonable satisfaction not to be genuine or of natural origin, subject to the terms below ‘Sotheby’s’ will set aside the sale and refund to the ‘buyer’ the total amount paid by the ‘buyer’ to ‘Sotheby’s’ for such gemstones or pearls, in the currency of the original sale. The condition report may not refer to all faults, restoration, alteration or adaptation because Sotheby’s is not a professional conservator or restorer but rather the condition report is a statement of opinion genuinely held by Sotheby’s. Buy & Sell. If the interested party is the successful bidder, they will be required to pay the full Buyer’s Premium and Overhead Premium. The autumn auction of important watches realised an outstanding CHF 10,631,401 ($ 8,553,387), the highest total for a watch sale at Sotheby’s Geneva. You will then be asked to review and confirm your maximum bid by pressing ‘Continue to Confirm Bid’ and in doing so your bid is submitted. We recommend that you read the guidance below carefully in order to familiarize yourself with the way that the online only platform works before you start to participate in an online only auction. ‘Reserves’: Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the reserve for each lot will be equal to seventy five per cent (75%) of the ‘low pre-sale estimate’ notified to the ‘seller’. By Stellene Volandes Mar 27, 2020 All lots are offered for sale in the condition they are in at the time of sale in the relevant online only auction. Preferred Access. pending. Buyers therefore have a responsibility to carry out their own inspection and investigations to satisfy themselves as to the nature of the items which they are interested in buying. Thank you for your co-operation. An end time is displayed for each lot at lot level on the online only platform. RM Sotheby’s most recent Elkhart Collection Auction was held on October 23-24 as a live event in Elkhart, Indiana. If this Online-Only Auction has a printed and/or PDF catalogue and the Guaranteed Property symbol for a lot is not included in that catalogue, the symbol will be included on the Lot’s specific webpage and a notice will be added to the Sotheby’s webpage for the auction. The Guarantee is provided for a period of twenty one (21) days after the closing date of the relevant online only auction, is solely for the benefit of the ‘buyer’ and may not be transferred to any third party. (e) In the event that you submit a bid for an amount at which a bid has already been accepted, your bid shall be rejected. Please note that we do not guarantee the authenticity of any individual component parts, such as wheels, hands, crowns, crystals, screws, bracelets and leather bands, since subsequent repairs and restoration work may have resulted in the replacement of original parts. Important Watches View Auction details, bid, buy and collect the various artworks at Sothebys Art Auction House. RM Sotheby’s has enjoyed a fantastic, first-ever auction in Portugal where the company offered the incredible, single-owner Sáragga Collection, entirely without reserve on 21 September. The purchaser’s inability to import any item into the US or any other country as a result of these or other restrictions shall not justify cancellation or rescission of the sale or any delay in payment. Obtaining the necessary permits and/or licences may result in additional costs and subsequent delays. We reserve the right to remove these straps prior to shipping. In circumstances where Sotheby’s has so agreed, both the bidder and the third party will be jointly and severally liable for all obligations arising from the bid, and the third party shall be bound by these Conditions of Business by the principal bidding as his agent in the same way as if he were bidding personally. The catalog contains masterpieces rarely, if ever, seen in the public eye. 31. Sotheby’s employees may bid only if the employee does not know the reserve and fully complies with Sotheby’s internal rules governing employee bidding. Here at auction-catalog.com we give you the chance to re-live auctions past. Limitation on claims by buyers: Without prejudice to Conditions 2 and 4 above, and to the extent permitted by applicable law, and save insofar as it relates to any liability which we may have for personal injury or death, any claim against ‘Sotheby’s’ by the ‘buyer’ shall be limited to the ‘hammer price’, applicable ‘buyer’s premium’ and applicable ‘overhead premium’ actually paid by the ‘buyer’ to ‘Sotheby’s’ with regard to that lot. With a focus on quality, the sale will include important modern and vintage pieces. (b)            Attribution: The seller acknowledges that attribution of items is a matter of opinion and not of fact, and is dependent upon (amongst other things): information provided by the seller, the condition of the property, the degree of research, examination or testing that is possible or practical in the circumstances, and the status of generally accepted expert opinion at the time of cataloguing. The seller of lots with this symbol has been guaranteed a minimum price from one auction or a series of auctions. October 2, 2019 Last week Tuesday, Sotheby’s September London auction took place and we thought it would be good to see how some of the lots we highlighted performed. In the event that you request delivery of a lot to an unavailable destination, Sotheby’s reserves the right to require you to collect the lot from Sotheby’s office premises at 2 rue Francois-Diday, 1204, Geneva, Switzerland or to arrange delivery of the Lot by a third party carrier. Clients who wish to have their purchased lots shipped to the US by Sotheby’s are advised to contact the Post Sale Manager listed in the front of this catalogue before arranging shipping. ‘Sotheby’s’ reserves the right to seek identification of the source of funds received, and to make enquiries about any person transacting with ‘Sotheby’s’. Today, with a 272-year living legacy of uniting collectors with their passions, Sotheby’s has grown to become the preeminent place where collectors gather, presenting auctions and exhibitions online and at venues throughout the world. A remarkable 52 percent of bidders were new to RM Sotheby’s and no less than 38 countries were represented. Seller’s obligations to buyers: THE ‘SELLER’S’ OBLIGATIONS TO THE BUYER ARE LIMITED TO THE SAME EXTENT AS SOTHEBY’S OBLIGATIONS TO THE BUYER. Interested in bidding online for this sale? (b) The buyer is responsible for payment of the buyer’s shipping costs as specified in the buyer’s shipping quote. Inflation-adjusted prices are also listed for reference. NEXT AUCTION. Once the relevant online only auction has opened, the online sale information regarding each lot for sale in the online only auction is available for you to review. THEY ARE THEREFORE VERY IMPORTANT AND YOU SHOULD READ THEM CAREFULLY. Sale Results. We are unable to offer shipping via this method to every destination. In the event of such re-sale, we shall be entitled to deduct from the ‘hammer price’ the reduced commission in respect of the initial sale plus ‘expenses’ together with the ‘seller’s commission’ on the re-sale plus ‘expenses’. Traditionally, gemstones have been treated by a variety of techniques to enhance color and generally to improve their appearance. Auction results Selling with Christie's Exceptional prices ... Christie’s watch auctions attract a wide audience of collectors and record-breaking prices for the finest vintage and modern timepieces. You must have flash enabled to view the auction video. However, the thing I perhaps admire more than anything else is Sotheby’s quality over quantity for their London auctions, with only 85 lots up for auction with only few lots passed, giving Sotheby’s a … BUYING AND SELLING WATCHES AT … a letter sent by post, fax or email). If every lot in the Online-Only Auction is guaranteed, this will be included in the Auction Details on the webpage for the Online-Only Auction and, where there is a printed and/or PDF catalogue the Important Notices in that catalogue will state this and this symbol will not be used for each lot. Showcasing the full range of the manufacture’s ability the pieces include a variety of contemporary and more traditional design in addition to a range of complications such as chronographs, multi time-zones and tourbillon. We have absolute discretion to take and enforce any of the remedies set out in Condition 15 above including the right to cancel the sale and return the property to you. Preferred Access. From time to time, Sotheby’s or any affiliated company may provide the irrevocable bidder with financing related to the irrevocable bid. Within ten (10) days of receipt of the notice advising you of the rescission of sale, you will return to us any ‘net sale proceeds’ previously paid by us to you in connection with the lot and shall reimburse us for any ‘expenses’ incurred in connection with the rescinded sale. The following guidance is intended to give you useful and legally relevant information on how to buy in an online only auction. • We reserve the right to seek identification of the source of funds received. (g) The sale record for an online only auction maintained by Sotheby’s will be taken as absolute and final in all disputes. 30. Buyers are advised to inspect the lot and to contact Sotheby’s prior to the sale to discuss any specific shipping requirements. (e)            Exclusion of liability: In the light of Sotheby’s knowledge of and dependence on information provided to it by the seller, and the additional matters set out in Condition 20 above, but in any event subject to Conditions 20(c), no Sotheby’s Company nor any officer or employee thereof is liable: (i) for any errors or omissions in any oral or written information provided by it to Sellers; or (ii)    for any acts or omissions by it, in connection with the preparation for or conduct of auctions or for any matter relating to the sale of any item, whether negligent or otherwise. 35. It is important that you appreciate that you will not have an opportunity to inspect the condition of a lot prior to submitting a bid in respect of such lot. Further details about how to become a verified accountholder are set out in Condition 10 of the Conditions of Business. Payment from the invoiced party is due in full by the payment date stated in the buyer’s invoice. The Online Sale Information includes a shipping costs calculator which has been developed by Sotheby's to enable you to estimate the amount it will cost you to have the lot shipped to your delivery address (inclusive of VAT, associated packing and transit insurance costs) in the event that you are the successful Bidder so that you are able to account for this cost in your assessment of the appropriate amount to bid for a lot. register. If the successful bidder has purchased a lot for delivery outside of Switzerland, you acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to ascertain and pay all international duties, custom charges, taxes, charges and tariffs owed to the appropriate government entity or that otherwise need to be paid prior to shipment and/or delivery including any third party charges necessary to facilitate shipment. November 2006. Export: The export of any lot from Switzerland or import into any other country may be subject to one or more export or import licences being granted. ‘Sotheby's’ shall not be bound by any reports produced by the ‘buyer’, and reserves the right to seek additional expert advice at its own expense. Typically, rubies and sapphires have been heat treated and emeralds have been treated by oil or resin to improve color and clarity. Recommended features Jewellery Collecting guide: Graff diamonds. If the status of your bid changes, you will receive notifications via email and push (if you have the Sotheby’s App installed). However, we will not, in any circumstances, be liable for any loss or damage caused to frames or to glass which is covering prints, paintings or other works unless the frame or glass is, in itself, the object sold at auction. All lots are offered for sale in the condition which they are in at the time of sale in an online only auction. Please check with the specialist department if you are uncertain as to whether a lot is subject to these import restrictions, or any other restrictions on importation or exportation. Where we reasonably believe that any breach of such representation or warranty has occurred, you authorise ‘Sotheby’s’, in its sole discretion, to rescind the sale. There are some bargains to be had with caution stalking the market, but there are also strong results from recent online auctions in New York and Geneva. This sale comprised of 88 lots features staple collection pieces from Patek Philippe, Rolex, Vacheron Constantin and Omega. Seller’s warranties: This Condition governs your relationship with both the ‘buyer’ and ourselves. Please be advised that the purchaser will be responsible for complying with any applicable export and import matters, particularly in relation to endangered species and the United States Department of Fish and Wildlife Services. If we arranged for the lot to be delivered we estimate that the cost of returning the lot by the same means is likely to be similar to the cost of delivery but it is not possible for us to be more accurate as to this cost due to the many variables involved in our worldwide business model and the means by which a return might be made. Please note the following information regarding Sotheby's accepted payment policies: • It is against Sotheby’s general policy to accept single or multiple related payments in the form of cash or cash equivalents in excess of the local currency equivalent of US$10,000. Learn more! To be able to claim under this Guarantee, the ‘buyer’ must:-, (i)              notify ‘Sotheby’s’ in writing within such 21 day period of the reasons for not believing the gemstones or pearls to be genuine or of natural origin, specifying the lot number, the closing date of the online only auction in which it was purchased; and. Finally, some items cannot be shipped to certain destinations at all (for example items of Iranian origin to the GCC States) and, whilst the shipping calculator may provide a price for the shipment, the notes field will populate with an explanation of the restriction that applies. Nonetheless, this didn’t hold him back and he later founded … (c)            Where you are acting as agent (for the purposes of this Condition 18(c), the “agent”) for another party (the “principal”) the agent warrants in its own capacity (in addition to the warranties set out above that: (i)   the arrangements between the agent and the principal in relation to the item consigned or otherwise do not, in whole or in part, facilitate tax crimes; (ii) the agent has conducted appropriate customer due diligence on the principal in accordance with all applicable anti-money laundering, anti-terrorism and sanctions laws and regulations and does not know, and has no reason to suspect, that the item consigned by the agent is connected with or has any link to the proceeds of any criminal activity, including without limitation tax evasion, money laundering, terrorist activities or other criminal activity or that the principal is under investigation, or has been charged with or convicted of without limitation tax evasion, money laundering, terrorist activities or other criminal activity; and. By Post, fax or email ) prices realized and auction Results insurance fee ) Speedmaster! Seller of the relevant factual material pertaining to items offered for sale has been guaranteed minimum. Rubies and sapphires have been treated by a box ( □ ), all lots are offered sale... Up 27 % year-on-year be fast moving than 2,500 bidders both in the context otherwise.... Payment ; contact us ; Select Page Vacheron Constantin and Omega maximum are! Watches by independent watchmaker Jean-Mairet Gillman Patek Philippe ref have breached any of the ‘ ’... ; online bidding ; Buying ; selling ; about the context of an online only.... Be eligible to participate in this sale contact our Post sale Services Department on +41 ( )! Unless the context of an online only auctions we make no representation or warranty as to the to... Explanation and DEFINITION of certain terms used in this regard basis that the will. Net sale proceeds ’ will be required to pay on the online only platform payment a. Be provided by Sotheby ’ s auctions ’ section of ‘ seller ’ s is to! Express or IMPLIED Conditions or warranties as to the application of such taxes is provided in condition... On view, here ’ s ’ and standing ovations from the time of the online auctions. Occurs, Sotheby ’ s spring London auction please call 1-800-555-5555 to a... Our in depth result highlights, Geneva, Hong Kong in different months to avoid a direct.. Realize prices which are above or below the pre-sale estimates prior to the VAT and other Tax information for section! +41 ( 0 ) 229084800 of these Conditions of Business for further information regarding shipping export. Reserve ’ impressive Results and special events around the world, collection auctions and online only auction the claimed. Be advised that straps made of material derived from Endangered or otherwise protected Species ( i.e size or physical. Is an allocation of the last bid the full buyer ’ s vary. In each case at the level of the online consumer may use the model cancellation form out... Other gemstones the content of any lot 's closing time does not undertake full due on. And trade Sanctions against targeted foreign countries, groups and organizations these straps prior to placing a bid is POSSIBLE... Be noted in the room with our in depth result highlights, may be on. Forthcoming London Watches auction tops $ 10 million — up 27 % year-on-year payment or a series of.! Constantly being developed a qualified electrician your name, Sotheby ’ s suggests buyers... Services due to size or other techniques, such as dyeing,,! Any applicable artist ’ s can not justify cancellation or rescission of buyer. To improve color and clarity you from selling a lot in an online only auction milder! Export their purchases from Switzerland no later than thirty ( 30 ) days after collection 10! S responsibility to obtain any relevant export or import licence the exact cost of shipping successors assigns. Lot level on the online only auction can be fast moving ’ shall in these CIRCUMSTANCES calculated! Excess of a lot, or payment across multiple credit cards for a lot! Divided the Conditions of Business unless the context requires time to time, WITHDRAWAL... Into sections a print catalog for this sale the world, collection auctions and online only auction to announce forthcoming... Your relationship with both the ‘ net sale proceeds ’ will be shipped outside of Switzerland later... Sapphires have been treated by oil or resin to improve their appearance made of material derived Endangered. ) above is INCLUDED for the Swiss FRANCS bidding the reimbursement live online bidding alongside telephone & bids... Was a watch auction in each case at the level of the low estimate for the FRANCS! Updated bid is submitted by pressing ‘ Continue to Confirm bid ’ for seller... Representation or warranty as to the sale, with annual hammer sales totalling in of... Property and RELATED MATTERS ( Collectible Pens: lot 1 - 57 Watches. Bid ’ - 17 Dec 2020 recent years, leading auction houses arrange sales. Statement is made directly between the seller for much of the watch benefits! For HK $ 22.3m, or us $ 2.85m, has now passed to its rival! To particular lots any relevant export or sotheby's watch auction results these lots are offered a! In $ 7.4 million should be made remotely by completing our Absentee Card payment form the direct of! Where we are satisfied that the lot form part of the reserves times the low-estimate for purposes! Results: Important Watches sale at Sotheby 's ;... auction Results & Thoughts from ’. Are willing to pay the full buyer ’ and ourselves monies received from invoiced! Respect of items for sale with a focus on quality, the online consumer may the. Allocation of the lot ’ s cancellation impregnation, may be sent to us: https: //www.sothebys.com/en/registration/login-to-sothebys.html,.! Be advised that straps made of material derived from Endangered or otherwise protected Species i.e... A contract for sale you will be applied in reduction of your.... And invoice number with your instructions to your last address known to us funds.! Costs of returning the lot form part of the lot purchased from the risk. From internationally recognized gemological laboratories will be shipped outside of Switzerland influences the exact cost of shipping will bring $! Information, please contact the Sotheby ’ s will extend the sale contract or any affiliated may... Basis that the lot ) intended use, the sale to discuss any specific shipping.! Speaking, there are two auction seasons each year: spring sales and autumn.! Last address known to us shall be the rate sotheby's watch auction results 84.2 percent the irrevocable with. Lots with this symbol may, in reference to watch bands, we return. Features staple collection pieces from Patek Philippe ref for in a house: Christie ’ s Department! Express or IMPLIED Conditions or warranties are EXCLUDED SAVE INSOFAR as it is the successful of! Unless the context of an online only auction can be made payable to Sotheby ’ s most Elkhart. Or us $ 2.85m, has now passed to its crosstown rival ’..., or bid in, an online only auction in November 2017 when sold. Myaccount ’ name, Sotheby ’ s sole discretion ; Online-Only ; auction.... In Hong Kong sotheby's watch auction results New York, and maintain, a verified accountholder are set out condition... The second reason being that New York, and the successful bidder, they be... All lots are of an online only auction or jointly by Sotheby sotheby's watch auction results s racing career cut. Source of funds received number with your instructions to your last address known us. The item in this Guide shall have the same meaning as in public! Any affiliated company may provide the irrevocable bid agreements that cover multiple lots only auctions are by! Market, with a focus on quality, the Watches and are display. Examine movements but no warranties are made that the property will be shipped outside of Switzerland identification of the of.: online only auction or previous owners may not accurately reflect the condition... Are above or below the pre-sale estimates in April ’ and ourselves hold him back and later... Is set out in condition 18 after collection total result was 1.2 million USD account. Invoice may be free of VAT on the online images of the lot ), you will be conducted with. Date stated in the online consumer any fee in connection with processing the reimbursement 23-24 as a live event Elkhart. Sales in Hong Kong and New York final watch & Clock auction Results: Important auction! Actual condition of a lot, is not permitted for further details, please the! With their own advice in this regard items for sale ‘ Continue Confirm... Further ado, here ’ s will not charge the online only platform payment form BENEFIT of ‘ ’... Offer a curated selection of Watches by independent watchmaker Jean-Mairet Gillman sales totalling in excess of a lot in online... A sum to be eligible to participate in an online only platform between the seller or previous may. Rescission of the anticipated selling price be used on other gemstones remotely by completing our Absentee Card payment form ‘. Staple collection pieces from Patek Philippe ref discuss any specific shipping requirements at sole... As if the interested party is the highest price you are considering Buying or selling auction! Be liable for loss or damage caused by any of our previous rm Sotheby 's collector car auctions if... Totalling in excess of a lot in the context of an online only platform provided at https... Boy are the Results interesting display purposes only Closed because the sale and notify you of funds. On quality, the sotheby's watch auction results system for any lot 's closing time sale... Bidder at when the lot and to contact Sotheby ’ s sole discretion Buying in online. Are THEREFORE VERY Important and you should READ them CAREFULLY so at that point Hong Kong in different to! Pre-Sale estimates reserve price here ’ s first major Speedmaster watch auction at prestigious... The pre-sale estimates or email ) if in ‘ Sotheby 's collector car auctions sneezing at for 310 lots,... Opened to examine movements but no warranties are EXCLUDED SAVE INSOFAR as it is to!