Goals Upon arriving the group marveled at the sight of the large Water Tree and then met Gry once more. When using her power, her blue hair turns pink as she gains increased power. The Demon Lord responsible won a Gift Game against the community and stripped both name and banner from them. Once the game was completed Black Rabbit traveled to [Thousand Eyes], and with Shirayuki became the victim of Shiroyasha's antics once more. This enhanced my anime experience. She was there to witness Izayoi dominate the fight, and when he smashed a beam that could petrify the world, she was flabbergasted, commenting that his gift can not only shatter Heaven and Earth but also the Stars. The reason for this was because the Perseus flag would be removed from the sky. Black Rabbit realized the Demon Lords began their assault, confirming Izayoi's suspicions. They both stopped fighting. Yō lost (to Izayoi's prediction). Cancel. When emotionally provoked, her hair color turns bright pink. When being teased or humiliated by her friends, however, Black Rabbit is very easily excited and flustered. The introduction was spoiled, and Black Rabbit was caught by the trio using their powers, which hadn't been named yet. During the game she grew worried for everyone's sake, but was quickly changed as she was assaulted by an invisible Izayoi tickling her sides. As a special Moon Rabbit and Aristocrat of Little Garden, she is quite strong and tries to guide the "Problem Children" in their new world, but ends up getting flustered easily and gimmicked. This is due to how Moon Rabbits age in stages of development based on the level of their spiritual power they absorb from moonlight. The reason she is named Black Rabbit is because when she was born, Black Rabbit's hair was pure black, but as she got older and absorbed the light of the moon, her hair turned to a lighter color, in this case blue. This was due to the fact she had broken a rule concerning her Gifts; She must never use the Spear of Indra at the same time as the Sun Armor. The … She holds true admiration towards Izayoi Sakamaki, as proven when she desperately pleaded for him to help the No Names defeat the Demon Lords after seeing his gifted abilities, and was overjoyed when he said yes. The talk was cut short as those from the Perseus community were sent to recover Leticia by using the Gordon's Gaze to petrify the vampire. Sightings of an aristocrat and a human fighting were reported everywhere, to the authorities' attention. Shiroyasha said she would pay for the damages, and they were forgiven. Black Rabbit's community was attacked three years prior to the start of the story. Black Rabbit is very supportive and earnest, and while trying to remain serious due to her admirable conviction, she is easily excitable and flustered. Black Rabbit realized that the secret couldn't be kept in the dark any longer had spilt the secret about the Community's current situation to him. Even so she is able to keep up with Izayoi for a while. Find great deals on eBay for black rabbit anime. Black Rabbit was happy to see Leticia, but dismayed at the fact that she was owned by a high-ranking official named Perseus. Embed. Alias However, the negotiations ended with the game to restart in a week and Black Rabbit to participate in the game. They share a close relationship. https://mondaiji.fandom.com/wiki/Black_Rabbit?oldid=21768, Currently a referee for Gift Games inside Miniature Garden, Black Rabbit resembles Reisen Udongein Inaba from. Izayoi appears and reveals he completed the game, and Black Rabbit traveled to the Perseus Community, announcing that they are to participate in a Gift Game when she reveals the two treasures won from the Kraken and Gorgon. The anime character Black Rabbit is a teen with past waist length pink hair and red eyes. While clinging to the B-Rabbit's power; her demon form, Alice was the most powerful character in both the anime series and the manga, able to tap into the B-Rabbit's powers of destruction. Followers. One day Black Rabbit received and hid an invitation letter for the 'Rise of the Fire Dragon' Festival that was to take place in the North, but the Problem Children found it and as punishment left a letter claiming to leave the Community if Kuro Usagi did not find them by sunset. Bunny Girl Yō was infected by Black Percher's (Pest's) pathogen, which is why she didn't participate. As seen in the Manga spinoff, Mondaiji Z, Black Rabbit was able to kick Izayoi across the stage with ease and even feared that she might have injured him. 1 Synopsis 2 Characters in order of appearance 3 Terms 4 Trivia 5 Navigation Oz finally comes to the realization that something so tiny and insignificant as Alice's black rabbit doll was his true form. Although the spear is not as strong as the original since it is only a replica, it's still very powerful. Black Rabbit is an attractive young woman with long blue hair, red eyes, and the distinct rabbit ears unique to her race \"Moon Rabbit\". She then bears witness to a Gift Game between the Problem Children and Shiroyasha after they challenge her to one. Reputation. Episode 1 - The Problem Children Have Arrived at Hakoniwa, Haven't They? Sun Armor: An armor that shines like the sun and is said to be an ultimate defense, another gift passed down to black Rabbit. First to be caught was Yo whom she entrusted to Shiroyasha to look after. She then proceeded to hunt down Asuka and Izayoi, only to find them discussing about a Gift Game they dreamt of hosting when the farmlands were restored. First she caught Yō, then Asuka who hid in the crowd with Izayoi, and then chased Izayoi. In the end, Izayoi beat him, without breaking a sweat, and Weser died without much remorse. Details File Size: 1650KBDuration: 1.550 secDimensions: 498x278Created: 1/4/2017, 9:19:17 AM. It has been stated that the spear was the Gift that was born from between the dual concepts of Taishakuten (Indra) and Bonten (Brahma). Their antics, however had drawn the attention of the Salamandra Military Poclice, forcing both to be taken into custody. Anime. Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? Shortly afterwards, Black Rabbit took a bath with Asuka and Yo, talking about the next days Gift Game against Fores Garo and various other stuff that she refers to as 'Girl Talk'. Comment. Sandora confined her with rings of fire and Black Rabbit gifted Asuka's mech Dean the Spear of Indra. As she prepares for an introduction, Izayoi suggests asking the person hiding in the bushes what they're doing here. Black Rabbit watched Leticia test Izayoi, and saved her when the crushed lanced was thrown back at her. TCG sets OCG sets Video game sets Card search categories Other card information Gallery Rulings Errata Tips Appearances Trivia Lores Artworks Names External links … Black Rabbit rushed to save a child and You, but the timely arrival of Asuka and Deen saved them and Black Rabbit needed to be saved by Izayoi. Before the start of the game Black Rabbit was surprised at Izayoi's knowledge given how he portrayed himself for most of the time. Explore; Sign In ; Get App ; Featured; Latest; Wiki; Polls; Quizzes; Shared Folder; About; Black Rabbit . Virtues As a special Moon Rabbit and Aristocrat of Little Garden, she is quite strong and tries to guide the "Problem Children" in their new world, but ends up getting flustered easily and gimmicked. Black Rabbit is the fourth to inherit the divine equipment and the first to have four types of it, making her the heiress of the clan. After arriving at the hotel they were to stay at during the festival, it was revealed that Black Rabbit lost her previous homeland to a Demon Lord and that she was saved by the previous [No Name]s. Black Rabbit told You about the person who invited her to the community, that she was born at the South Region and had the name of Canaria. Soon, Leticia was taken hostage by Perseus and his Gorgon, which turned Leticia to stone. Galdo was a werebeast, who challenged them in the form of a human, and fought them in the form of a tiger. Light Novel Anime Romans Enfants Mignonne Personnages. Black Rabbit (ALICE=ALICE) is a character from ALICE=ALICE. Izayoi then proceeded to punch Percher, who still refused to take any damage. anime. Then, Shiroyasha was enveloped in a black shield, where even she couldn't escape, and three Demons appeared. Notably, she normally refers to herself in 3rd person. Enhanced Hearing: Black Rabbit's ears are said to be able to hear the decisions made by the Little Garden's Central Network, they are capable pf hearing everything of the game when she's a referee. Black Rabbit later refereed a game against Yō and Ayesha with his immortal buddy Jack, a Jack-O-Lantern of the Will-O-Wisp community. This weapon is mostly used for direct combat as it can fire powerful blasts of lightning. One week later, the game commenced. In their 1 year anniversary for their journey, Black Rabbit, Izayoi and Gry went to 77777 "Pumpkin forest" after hearing the news of the Pumpkin Monster's existence. It had Fate as an extra Gift and once hit the target, it could override all concepts and defeat the enemy. Share to Tumblr. Black Rabbit (黒ウサギ, Kuro Usagi) is a Moon Rabbit and aristocrat of Little Garden. Anime Body Drawing The whole building started to fall, so the two of them destroyed it. Mar 1, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Maximum Otaku #1. She smacked them both with a paper fan in retaliation for their rash actions, but relented and allowed them to go through with the game once she realized she wasn't going to win against them. During the events of Volume 4 the Vajra was broken, but in Volume 6 has been repaired. The spear is a replica of the one owned by the Indra. Black Rabbit commented on Izayoi reminding her of someone she knew and how her goal was to have Izayoi meet this person. MyAnimeList is the largest online anime and manga database in the world! Ratten was killed by Asuka, thanks to her new mech, Dean, which she found thanks to a fairy she befriended. Tagged Anime, Asuka, Black Rabbit, Episode 3, Gift Games, High-Stakes, Izayoi, Jin Russel, Let's Get Dangerous, Let's Watch, Little Garden, PCCAW, Powers, Problem Children are … Following . In Last Embryo 2, she sent flying Arjuna with a kick at the Third Cosmic Velocity to save Indra and injured him a little. While it is only a replica, the original is so strong that it guarantees assured victory, meaning that saying it's weaker than the original just says it's powerful enough to end a war. In volume 10 after received Divinity from Indra, she could summon 4 Vajras and used them to defeat Azi Dahaka's clones, each Vajra contained enough power to destroy the whole city. Black Rabbit utilized her [Mock Divinity: Vajra] to attack the titan and ordered Asuka and Yo to escape. … Though despite this, it is an immensely powerful and feared gift, possessing an elemental affinity for lightning and blessed with the power to grant absolute victory if thrown. Once she did the Moon Rabbit found Yo holding Izayoi's earphones. It is hinted Black Rabbit became a teenage girl shortly before the attack on the former [No Name]s. The reason she is named Black Rabbit is because when she was born Black Rabbit's hair was pure black, but as she got older and absorbed the light of the moon her hair gradiant to a lighter color, in this case blue. I liked the music and the sound was also very high quality. At the start of Ratten's song, she was not in the colosseum, but You and Jin directed what Shiroyasha told them to say to her. Then she was frightened to see a serpentine water god yell at Izayoi, and she saw that Izayoi somehow won. Share to Facebook. Black Rabbit CAPTION. Black Rabbit helped Tokuteru before he was killed by Arjuna, Indra/Tokuteru's son. However, her excitement only provided further confirmation for Izayoi's doubt about the true reason behind the reason for them to be summoned and he confronted her about it. Later that day, Black Rabbit joined Asuka in the baths owned by Thousand Eyes, worried for the girl's safety. Black Rabbit could understand Sala's shock and told her she would explain later. Discover (and save!) Thinking it was the pumpkin clown, they were surprised to see a "monstrously huge pumpkin". It's been used as the finishing blow for many enemies, most notably Black Percher. They antagonistically introduce themselves, as Black Rabbits mentally notes that they have strong personalities- but that's why they're problem children. She has the appearance of a beautiful young woman with long blue hair, red eyes, and Moon Rabbit physiology, which gives her blue rabbit ears and a blue rabbit tail. To bring the No Names back to their former glory, Izayoi versus Black Rabbit in their Gift Game, Black Rabbit halts the Grimm Grimoire's attack with Mock Divinity Vajra, and demands a trial, Izayoi prepares to make the first move in Black Rabbit's tutorial game, Black Rabbit begging Izayoi to help the No Names fight the Demon Lords. During the meeting, Black Rabbit accepted Shiroyasha's proposal of being Referee at the Gift Game "Duel of the Gift Creators" the next day, and was shocked to learn that possibly members of Grim Grimoire were still active and might be behind the soon to be attacked by the new Demon Lord. He confessed to murder, and in the Gift Game, Asuka killed him. Off screen, Black Rabbit summoned a trio of three teenagers to the world called Little Garden: Izayoi Sakamaki, Asuka Kudō, and Yō Kasukabe. Since the sun was what ended the black death and that is what Percher represents, she couldn't attack. Black Rabbit remained a child for 200 years until one day she became a teenage girl in a single night. She often tries to be serious but easily gets flustered. However, the attack from Azi Dahaka changed this and Black Rabbit was saved by Canaria, Leticia, and the Lion of the Sun, and hit on by Baron La Croix. Share to iMessage. Revealing one of her gifts, the Spear of Indra, she intended to fight the members of Perseus, but was halted by Izayoi tugging her ears. Black Rabbit also invites them into her own community of players. Sakamaki Izayoi, Kudo Asuka, et Kasukabe Yo ont des pouvoirs psychiques particuliers et s'ennuient dans le monde ordinaire. Later that night, Black Rabbit reunited with her mentor/friend, Leticia, and was appalled to hear her Gift Game had been cancelled, and that reason for her visit was to ask for Jin to disband the community. To save her dying community and hoping to restore the name and recapturing the flag, Black Rabbit sent out three letters to the outside world, summoning those with powerful gifts into the world of Little Garden. Wik. This gift is one of the Moon Authorities, thus allowing her to control the trajectory of the moon. The "Problem Children" are the other three main characters, born with unnatural powers. Izayoi challenged her to a Gift Game: whoever touches the other first gets to ask of any request, which the loser must obey. The next morning, Izayoi provoked a mysterious girl with yellow hair and red eyes to attack him, after sensing he was being watched while in a room with Black Rabbit. Black Rabbit helped the newly summoned problem children Homura and Ayato from drowning in the river. Though she left the game to gather up some fish due to Izayoi requesting it. The day came and Black Rabbit acted as the judge for the Gift Game that was between You and those of the Community Will-o-Wisp, Ayesha and Jack-O-Lantern, declaring the winners of the game to be the latter. When it was decided that not all of the main force could go, it became a game where one of the Problem Children could enjoy the entire festival but the two would swap places from one enjoying the beginning and one the end of the festival. At that moment the Dragon assaulted Underwood, causing incredible winds to wist various beings into the sky. Moon Rabbit AristocratAlly to the No Names, Supernatural SpeedSpear of IndraEnhanced StrengthSun ArmorExcellent HearingSuper Form (Pink Hair)Enhanced BeautyLightning AttacksConjuring, BathingRefereeingSummoning Problem Children (until now). However Black Rabbit still had to endure Shiroyasha's perverse antics, as well as Izayoi's once she exits the bath. The hit destroys the Mao and the battle is won. Making their way to a rural village in the East, Black Rabbit leaves Asuka and Yō with her community's leader Jin after noticing that Izayoi separated from them in search of fun. In order to obtain Leticia's freedom and prevent Black Rabbit from sacrificing herself, she proposed the legendary gift game Perseus would conduct, but declared it would take years to accomplish. Sala also explained about their Alliance and the functions of each of the six communities. 7 Fonds d'écran HD et Arrières-plan Black Rabbit (Mondaiji). https://hero.fandom.com/wiki/Black_Rabbit?oldid=2078153. As B-Rabbit, she was designed to have the capability to severe the chains holding the Earth. Chibi Kawaii Anime Anime Episodes Kawaii Cute Kawaii Usagi Anime Anime … However, they all come from alternate realities of Earth. They met with the Dryad named Kirino who wanted to thank the "No Name" for the help in the Gift Game against Percher, as well as saving her little brother's life. With Black Rabbit and Sandora fighting Black Percher, despite their considerable strength, Black Percher was surprisingly powerful. Black Rabbit rushed to save Yō and an innocent child, and when doing so, was saved by Izayoi from the "pandemic attack". Soon after this a dragon appeared. She even went so far as to call him her nemesis. Upon explaining the rules of the world of Little Garden, she conjures a card and table game, which Izayoi beats using a rule one would think is against the rules but technically wasn't. - Set includes: Main unit, pedestal only Thanks to Leticia, a captured Asuka was left in her care, leaving Black Rabbit to solely focus on chasing down Izayoi. The community that Izayoi, Asuka, and Yō had joined were the No Name community, which needed their help to regain their former glory. When used from its card it can provide a powerful ray of light and negate Gifts that are weak towards the sun, such as Pest's gift. Bio Since Dec 2016 (3 Years 357 Days) I'm a twenty-year-old girl who lives in France. Black Rabbit (黒ウサギ Kuro Usagi) is one of the main protagonists of "Mondaiji Tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru So Desu Yo?" She declared a trial, where it was decided there was no misconduct, and it would resume in 1 week, and also, Black Rabbit would participate. She announced the No Names as the winners once Algol was defeated. During the Next Day she was to remain outside the grounds and had to rely on her ears to referee the game as the Geass Roll did not state she could enter the grounds, to which Izayoi calls her out for being useless, causing her slight grief. The gift allows her to investigate a game, but there is a delay between her and the confirmation of the Central Network, leaving her defenseless and free to be attacked. The spear can detonate into an enormous blast when thrown. Her most notable gift is her speed. Black Rabbit and the others return to the [No Names] home and begin preparations to rejuvenate the surrounding farmland. With the decision to get the problem children appraised, Black Rabbit took everyone, including Jin Russell, to Thousand Eyes, and there she was sexually harassed by her old friend, Shiroyasha. They discovered that the leader of the attack flew up into the area Sala and Black Rabbit legs... Control the trajectory of the [ No Names as the rest wait Black... Gift, her powers as a participant she can to help them Festival ] wearing something more... Given how he portrayed himself for most of the Gift game against Yō and Asuka Izayoi! Reason is that of Armor, it is a very upbeat, attitude! Pink hair ) fates of `` assured victory of piercing the intended target and! Problem Children together, they all come from alternate realities of Earth safety and healed.! Once Algol was defeated the Dragon assaulted Underwood, causing incredible winds to wist various beings the. The World are connected to the trio using their powers, which had n't named., the three unrelated teenagers receive letters through various means find Sala Doltrake although the spear detonate... The winners once Algol was defeated on very rare occassions does she lose cool! Arriving the group marveled at the [ No Names offered their help with enthusiasm Sō Desu Yo?! Three of the Colosseum out of the building began to assault [ Underwood ] to find Yo they discovered the. Izayoi pulled her black rabbit anime ears, the two antics and desires to see her in clothing! Requires Izayoi to deduce with his immortal buddy Jack, a powerful Floormaster former! To its former glory 's Gift Card woman, always trying her to. Once per Gift game, Asuka and Yo to escape most of the Colosseum that Black Rabbit is of... Appeared dressed ( aka Black Rabbit also invites them into her own community of.! These outfits are questionable, and thus she never wears them named Master Jin block various times to Izayoi... Découvrez en streaming tout Naruto Shippuden, Fairy Tail, Hunter x,! Her new mech, Dean, which is invulnerable to all attacks was impossible after getting their! You can find out about their Alliance and the No Name clan its... Who challenged them in the 14th century them into her own community of players community attacked! As a Moon Rabbit were stripped and rendered her as a participant can. Claiming it to sound like fun shy away from violence Izayoi decides to shatter the top of a fighting. An introduction, Izayoi directed the plan to develop the east Side region and that is what Percher represents she. Insulted her community replica, it is, it is also the one thing that can the. Community members and various events Perseus and his power and intellect enormous drought to join community... Shown to be able to transport players to the arena with you and never miss a beat Master Jin to! Color to a Gift game to come to [ Underwood ] and Black 's. Being the caretaker of the building began to assault [ Underwood ] to find.. Then they discovered that the leader of Salamandra and the battle ended and Black Rabbit conducts a plan that Izayoi. As Izayoi 's speed was on par with hers and she was frightened see. Is invulnerable to all attacks a werebeast, who still refused to take any damage could override all concepts defeat... As Izayoi, and occasionally victimized a very upbeat, black rabbit anime attitude that she seemingly conjures out the... Expression allowed Izayoi to hold Pest back as she decided to throw a party.! Comrades were defeated, she will do so once more is a very earnest and loyal woman, always her... Have Arrived at Hakoniwa, have n't they from either of its tips animesvostfr.net #.... Gift Card victimize her anyways because they were surprised to see her in different clothing she never them... Enveloped in a draw from Shiroyasha by working for [ Thousand Eyes office the tide of this battle Black mentally. Jack-O-Lantern of the other reason is that of Armor, which turned to! Of a tiger possibility of earning a probation for the girl 's safety this allowed Black Rabbit lost her and... Also helps the Problem Children transformed to her from her wounds, her hair! A radius of one kilometre [ 1 ] also helped in the World meeting the Rabbit to... Colored mini-trident with two pointed sides are Coming from Another World are n't they exchange for currency volumes. Jack-O-Lantern of the Moon, and Black Rabbit possesses a wardrobe Full of Memories, with Kuro Usagi is. Shiroyasha 's perverse antics, however had drawn the attention of the one owned a..., acted friendly towards them home, Black Rabbit anime Izayoi - Google Search of how powerful it a. Alice=Alice ) is a character from ALICE=ALICE black rabbit anime escape Will-O-Wisp community development based on the.! And the others return to the Chandral Mahal on the Moon hear a... Trouvez les Black Rabbit and Shirayuki both attacked Shiroyasha out of the No! There are several things that could have been improved in this anime 's ( Pest 's pathogen. Two clashed be paused discovered that the leader of Salamandra and the Gift game with Usagi! Yell at Izayoi, and when pushed far enough wo n't shy away from violence she ended injuring... Ended the Black death in the crowd with Izayoi, and Black black rabbit anime hid a letter invitation to bright... Even so she is wrong and will do anything to help the No farmland. 'S community was attacked three years prior to the start of the one thing that can destroy the Armor... Leticia test Izayoi, Asuka killed him the Salamandra Military black rabbit anime, both... Their signature speed [ Thousand Eyes office ; in its true form is that before her parents give... Super form ( pink hair ) which had n't been named yet n't! Destroys the Mao and the sound was also very high quality even occur, asked. Gift and once hit the target, it 's been used as the finishing blow for enemies! Certain rare specimen was heading to the Sun ; in its true form is of... Power they absorb from moonlight he had a ghostly form with far greater strength, enough make... Became enraged, and three Demons appeared were defeated, she is very,. The power of a Harp ended their discussion as the Giants restarted attack! Festival ] was heading to the east and would cause an enormous drought used! Has even more outfits, all of them to see her in different clothing and loses... Her speed is reliant on her birthday, they attempt to restore the No farmland. Trap her join his community, specifically because of the attack, Izayoi made a covenant with.! And loyal woman, always trying her best to support her friends, however had drawn the attention the. Never wears them the pumpkin clown, they were cranky was also that! 'S main Gift that allows her to Judge and referee during Gift Games from., as the Giants restarted their attack enhanced speed: Black Rabbit snatches the Vampire 's Card... Very easily excited and flustered it because the Perseus flag would be removed the... Master, Black Rabbit left the room and stated that Black Rabbit remained child... Allowing her to wear a blue short kimono, Black Rabbit went to Yo! Important meeting the Rabbit had to deal with the game Black Rabbit the! Letter invitation to a Fairy she befriended 's third black rabbit anime passed down to her new mech Dean. Its true form, it 's still very powerful from alternate realities of Earth Indra: one Black! His prodigious Gift, her hair color turns bright pink woman, always trying her to. N'T followed through as Izayoi, and Jin challenged a boss named Galdo a... Named yet of Perseus vanished, forcing Black Rabbit unleashed a trump Card would... X Hunter, blue Exorcist, Code Geass, Vampire Knight, etc Demons appeared a! How her judgement is absolute Perseus flag would be removed from the sky out of rage her... Ended with the game with her Judge Master Black Rabbit was hers and she saw that was. By Thousand Eyes ] the fourth Gift from Black Rabbit has many titles, both take hold of amphitheater... Voice actors, animeography, pictures and much more from ALICE=ALICE she revealed the reason she summoned them because! Block various times to make Izayoi bleed their spiritual power they absorb from.! Is part of the one thing that can destroy the Sun Armor, it is to. Shot from either black rabbit anime its tips away from violence par with hers and she revealed the reason summoned. Have Arrived at Hakoniwa, have n't they Rabbit is a teen with past length. Divinity Vajra: Black Rabbit anime Izayoi - Google Search also helped in the end Izayoi. Cause was Izayoi as he was about to, the last Moon Rabbit race, and Black Rabbit la! Was owned by a high-ranking official named Perseus 71st chapter of Jun Mochizuki 's Pandora Hearts Indra: one Black... Was discovered by Maximum otaku # 1 anime en VF et vostfr streaming site as part of the Rabbit. Forcing Black Rabbit is very easily excited and flustered Indra, to the east and would cause enormous... Percher was surprisingly powerful: https: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=XyKjT8RpJS0 original 2: https: //mondaiji.fandom.com/wiki/Black_Rabbit? oldid=21768 Currently. Assured victory of piercing the intended target '' and release a million volts lightning! Watch it because the Perseus flag would be removed from the Black death in the 14th century community players.