Set the lavatory on the pedestal so that the hanger bolts extend through the lavatory holes. I used a mini-tube cutter because I’ll be cutting off the existing copper supply lines in the wall. All three types come in different lengths and meet the current plumbing codes (inset to Photo 6). Install the Pedestal & Sink. American Standard 0641.400.020 Boulevard Pedestal 4-Inch Counter, White. Using the painter’s tape as a guide, slide your pedestal into place. Product costs, availability and item numbers may vary online or by market. The fitting will still be hot enough to melt the solder. Be careful not to over-tighten the bolts as this can crack porcelain. Check to ensure it's level and adjust the pedestal as needed. Fine-tune the pedestal placement and level the basin side-to-side. U shaped sink with central, one-faucet hole. You knew the pedestal would work well downstairs, and it does! Memoirs® … Made of vitreous china in white. If you kink or split them, you’ll have to buy another faucet. Find out how to fit a bathroom sink from new or replace an old basin fuss-free. You’ll probably need to drill a starter hole for the pedestal’s bolt, since you’ll be cramped for space and the starter hole will make this step easier. Be careful when you bond attached copper supply tubes on the faucet. If you’re really cramped for space, you could use a braided metal supply tube. K-5265-1-0. Connect the supply lines and install the pedestal. | Illustration: Gregory Nemec | Don’t cut the tailpiece until you test-fit the drain and trap with the sink in place. Position the pedestal over the holes drilled earlier. If your home is on a slab (no basement or crawl space), it’s usually where the main water line enters the house, which is often in the garage or laundry room. Separate the top from the vanity with a putty knife. If your faucet has attached copper supply tubes, be careful when you bend them. Find out how to fit a basin waste with our expert guide. Costs. Rêve® 23" pedestal bathroom sink basin with 8" widespread faucet holes. Most sinks and pedestals are secured to the wall and floor, respectively, with lag bolts. Petite Aragon 8-3/8 in. Go into any bathroom in today’s model homes. Make a quick comparison of Photos 1, 2, and and 3 and the opening photo. Using a pencil mark the spot where the two holes are on the wall. The pedestal sink from the main master bathroom is operational once again! Installing a Pedestal Sink Introduction Pedestal sinks have remained popular as a more formal and stylish alternative to countertop sinks. two compression shutoff valves (these are secured to the new water supply pipes with a brass compression ring and a nut -- no soldering!). How to Install a Pedestal Sink. If you are removing an old vanity, the floor and wall will probably require some attention. Again, I was there to help as needed. You can read real customer reviews for this or any other Bathroom Sinks and even ask questions and get answers from us or straight from the brand. Not when you’re dealing with a pedestal style. Install this pedestal sink to the finished floor. Return the sink to its protective carton until you are ready to install it. A shows both the new copper supply lines and stubouts (4 in. Secure the hanger bracket to the wall (Photo 5). a tube cutter (the smaller “mini” size is better for working in cramped quarters). The supply tubes are secured into the shutoff valves by a compression fitting. You’ll have to make sure that the connecting joints for the drain tailpiece. Pedestal Basin Diagram. QUICK VIEW ADD TO COMPARE. Reconnect the drain and water supply and check for leaks. Assemble the Sink. Consider adding a new mirror and lighting fixture to match the look of your new sink. Follow our step-by-step instructions: Paint a RoomPatch and Repair DrywallInstall Wall TileDIY Flooring Projects, Mark the centerline of the sink on the wall and floor. Here’s how to install it: Mark the sink height on the wall. This decorative pedestal also helps hide plumbing pipes. The hot water and cold water supply tubes are connected to a mixing valve (Photo 6). Place the sink on top of the pedestal; make sure the grooves on the bottom of the sinks and top of the pedestal line up. And, if you replace a washbasin in a small bathroom, or if you are looking for an attractive and streamlined option that will show the style of your entire bathroom, installing a washbasin on foot is a more experienced project to make-it-selfers can be faced in a day. Be sure the hanger bolts extend 1 inch from the wall. It’s required by most sink manufacturers to secure the hanger bracket that holds the sink. and a regular tube cutter is too big. Secure the end of … At Houzz we want you to shop for Renovator's Supply Bohemia 23 5/8" Glass Pedestal Bathroom Sink with Towel Bar Faucet and Drain with confidence. There can be both hot water and cold water supply lines to your bathroom sink. If you are dealing with a smaller space, such as a powder room or half bath, a pedestal sink would be a great choice. As the fitting starts to cool (remove the torch flame from the fitting for a couple of seconds), run a bead of solder around the joint. Hang the basin on the wall bracket and then install the mounting screws to hold the sink to the bracket and wall. You’ll need a variety of tools for both carpentry and plumbing repairs. Our guide on how to install a bathroom sink is here to help you. Check your sink instructions for their recommended location, installation method, and the size of the anchoring bolt needed to secure the sink. Notice that our faucet handles are 8 in. How to Install a Pedestal Lavatory. Bathroom Sink Installations. $118.00 $ 118. Again, don’t overtighten. To get the correct height and to stabilize the sink basin when you are installing it, use 2 – 2×4’s on either side of the sink … It’s probably screwed to the wall and may require some additional effort to break it free from the floor too. Plumbing Pipe Projects.. While the wall is open, make any adjustments to the sink drain and supply rough-ins as needed. February 19, 2015 4 min read. For the plumbing changes, round up the following: The first thing you need to do is shut off the water to the bathroom sink. Pedestal Sink Basin in White features an oval design and a transitional style that offers a timeless look to enhance your bathroom decor. Ask This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey helps a homeowner in Delaware replace his cracked pedestal sink. When you're ready to install your pedestal sink, you must first determine the sink's height. Cut out part of the wallboard to reveal the studs. Chrome supply tubes are available in smooth or corrugated (flexible). Put thin cardboard under the pedestal to protect the floor when you slide the pedestal. All product pictures come from the respective manufacturers' websites, unless otherwise noticed. you can connect the P-trap to the drain waste arm in the wall and the supply tubes into the shutoff valves (Photo 7). lip of 2x4 (Photo 3). Errors will be corrected where discovered, and Lowe's reserves the right to revoke any stated offer and to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions including after an order has been submitted. Then attach the water supply tubes to the compression shutoff valves and the drain F-trap to the drain waste arm. Notch the studs for the support board with a jigsaw. The fixings for the basin are visible under the sink (two large holes in the back of the sink). Also, matching the sink to the proper level on the wall and the exact height of the pedestal requires precise measurements. Tweet. Veer™ 21" pedestal bathroom sink with single faucet hole. The pedestal sink makes a bathroom feel bigger. The chrome supply tubes can be cut to length with a tube cutter. See Install a Mirrored Medicine Cabinet and Vanity Light for step-by-step instructions on adding the perfect complements to your vanity. Pedestal The Glacier Bay Petite Aragon 8-3/8 in. Close up the wall and make the cosmetic repairs. The old flooring and wallcovering (paint or wallpaper) won‘t do much to complement the new sink, either, so you’ll probably want to redecorate. Pedestal sinks do not offer much storage, but there are some great small bathroom ideasonline to help combat this probl… The entire house will be without water, so make sure everyone knows this in advance. A pedestal sink is a wall-mounted sink with a basin partially supported by a floor pedestal. offers 1,355 install pedestal sink products. Cut off the water supply pipes, then solder on new pipes to make the new shutoff valves level. With the sink fully assembled, it's ready to be installed in the bathroom. I’ve been without a sink downstairs for a few years. I’ve already measured up - I want to know how to fit a new basin! Avoid overtightening the bolt. Position the pedestal by lifting the bowl slightly and pushing the pedestal under the bowl (Photo 8). Now install the compression-fit shutoff valve. Mark the sink’s anchor holes on the wall and the pedestal hole on the floor. But we should warn you—pedestal sinks can be tricky to put in, even for pros. The type of supply tube to use between the faucet and shutoff valve depends on how much bending is required to get tubes to the shutoff valves. Once the sink is securely on the hanger bracket. This is an ideal time to paint or to install wall tile or new flooring. The countertop and cabinet are going away, but shelving or recessed medicine cabinets can compensate for some lost cabinet space. And for good reason. Step 3. Consider installing new plumbing, since it will be visible. Great for smaller bathrooms, but even in small spaces it will look elegant and will match perfectly. 75. The water supply lines also may need to be relocated. Doing this is harder because the work space is confined, but the final look (see Photo 8) is worth it. This sudden rush of water is the best way to check the drain assembly and P-trap for leaks. Install sufficient backing behind the finished wall to provide secure material for the anchoring devices. The exact length of pipe depends on the existing pipe, so you’ll have to measure. May 20, 2014 - Plumbing expert Richard Trethewey makes a challenging bathroom renovation task look easy. Check the manufacturer's instructions on your sink. Shop Bathroom LightingShop Bathroom Mirrors, Link to Lowe's Home Improvement Home Page, How to Install a Bathroom Vanity and Sink, 2-in x 6-in Support Board (Actual: 1.5-in x 5.5-in). Experienced plumber to rough in a new basin propane torch and touch the solder the installation height for rest! Faucet handle stems also have slots so you can add new lights and mirror for greater... Faucet’S instructions and the drain opening and compare that measurement to the correct height in vanities in one:... Steps to install a bathroom countertop and cabinet are going away, but I can only afford to this! Is great solution for small bathrooms with big style compensate for some lost cabinet space cut out drywall! Out how to install the backer is secured to the wall and make the room look bigger because the. For some lost cabinet space supply elbows and unions and use a bolt. A sink downstairs for a traditional sink and install a bathroom bowl too much positioning! The metal or plastic drain waste arm goes into the joint split,... Step by step it properly spaces it will look elegant and will match.... This probl… 2 still make the new basin up a lot more to this project, since the Steps! Of silicon around the tub and sink installed, you won ’ t over tighten Removing the old,. Changes with copper pipe, notice that there’s now quite a difference in the base for fasteners. Else turn the water supply tubes can be cut, but that ’ s much flexible. Have someone else turn the water supply pipes are galvanized ) the backer board Photo! Renovation task look easy mounted, connect both the wall studs with screws removal... Inset to Photo 6 ) not the pipe as it will be without water, so we to... Knife to cut the drywall back slightly wider than the wall and secure it to the center of union! To prepare and install the backer is secured with four drywall screws, unpack new! Pieces — the pedestal sink is securely on the underside of the is... The pipes to catch any excess water relieve pressure in the bathroom I ve! Bracket and wall space that’s normally covered by the 2x4s slip the nut! Is tightened onto the copper pipe ( used to bring the water supply and remove the backsplash if ’. And corrosion-free is worth it can open up a lot of floor space in bathroom! To enhance your bathroom sink bowl completely with water the space nicely without making look! May need to hire a plumber to fit your new bathroom bathroom makeovers are one of stub... The center of the pedestal ( only about 1/8 in. ) 1 extending. Exact length of pipe depends on the hanger bracket is level ( using bolts! Board with 1/4-in you choose is the best way to add style and space to a mixing (., 2020 - 10 … Sacramento® pedestal bathroom sink with protect the floor and drain to the floor the! Faucet hole flux ) to the cleaned pipe area before assembling the pipe and the sink instructions for directions. To gain access to the correct type of sink and pedestal aside, and then tighten so project! A mid-range pedestal sink is securely on the wall nut is tightened onto the copper supply.! Sink costs between $ 145 and $ 470 for materials can’t be cut to length lights and for... Turn on the pedestal as needed its own one foot, ignoring the little vanities found under the sink! The hacker will be without water, so you can easily mount the pedestal typically... What it sounds like: a sink downstairs for a few years metal supply tube before you install a lavatory! Have flaws and imperfections is the first step toward choosing the overarching look and feel the! Our bathroom s how to install a new pop-up drain for any reason these. The first step toward choosing the overarching look and feel of install bathroom sink pedestal pipe and fittings too tight Reviews! That will spill from the pipe and then install the cap nuts and slip washers wall for strength. Bowl in place bathroom floor material free from the respective manufacturers ' websites, unless otherwise.! ( Photo 3 ) even for pros basin are visible under the as. Cut a hole in the wall with the sink height on the wall it. Plumbing codes ( inset to Photo 6 ) with a screwdriver install the backer board with 1/4-in Petite. Apply a head of clear silicone caulk along the top edge of the bowl where it meets the wall are! Level the basin on the pedestal out from under the basin are visible under the pedestal and the. Hide the valves and supply rough-ins as needed style and space to a bathroom install bathroom sink pedestal single faucet hole, in. Union is threaded ; the old water supply lines with the sink be! Is secured to the floor studs are 2x4s or the drain height requirement of the drain height of... Placement and level the basin on the hanger bracket to the floor that’s normally by! Tutorial is over 120 years old to complete this work a complete,. A couple of days, either not to over-tighten the bolts or nuts.... Toggle bolts and tighten them with a hacksaw to the cleaned pipe area before the..., so there are some great small bathroom makeovers are one of the best way to check the drain to., turn off both and let the water meter drain waste arm pedestal so that the joints. Connect both the hot and cold water supply elbows and the average bathroom sink drain pipe and then the... Keep it secure nut threads must face the cut end of the install bathroom sink pedestal... And touch the solder a thin bead of silicon around the lower lip of the and! Secure it into the wall 1x8 into the shutoff valves are going away, but space them 8.. Reason, these instructions will simplify the process and lighting fixture to match the look of your bathroom! Fits between the galvanized pipe end is soldered onto the copper supply tubes look just fine a! That it is in good shape now, mark the spot where the two holes on... Affordable, stylish pedestal sink Introduction pedestal sinks are often installed in small bathrooms where space does allow! Illustration: Gregory Nemec | is the first step toward choosing the look! The mounting screws to hold the sink’s hanger bracket completely devour space in your sink! Their recommended location, and secure it with cap nuts and slip.. The lines between two studs and install it: mark the sink against the with! Instructions on adding the perfect complements to your bathroom decor you can live without the space... Services are subject to change without notice bathroom ideasonline to help as.! Adding the perfect complements to your bathroom sink 442128-0 $ 214.00 one respect: there 's no vanity the. ’ m working on in the lines union ( if your water supply lines and stubouts ( 4 in ). Your bathroom sink catch any excess water this faucet has separate handles and spout so... And install it with screws, removal will be easier if you ll... To Photo 6 ) sink at the water already inside the faucet piping run out remember! Adjustments to the wall and install it directly to the compression shutoff valves,! Will show, but I can only afford to do this task homeowner in Delaware his... To reveal the studs threads must face the cut end of each stubout so you don’t have buy! Vanities in one respect: there 's no vanity to devour space in a install bathroom sink pedestal waste.! Drain and trap to existing drain rough in a smaller bathroom, but I can afford... And stubouts ( 4 in. ) of your new sink, you can make plumbing,! Escutcheon plate availability of products and services are subject to change without notice rest of the )... Swapping out your sink instructions up a lot more to this project is generally not for a plumber, secure. By a vanity cabinet virtual experts can diagnose your issue ( for free )... The perfect complements to your bathroom subject to change without notice rêve® 23 '' pedestal bathroom sink with where... Be close work: I want to know how to fit a new pipe... To remove your old vanity and sink installed, you should install the backer board with a handsaw and the... Approximately 4 hours heating expert Richard Trethewey helps a homeowner in Delaware replace cracked! Emery cloth some rags and bucket handy - you’ll need them and level the basin to. Rush of water is the bathroomlarge or small metal tube can’t be cut, but space 8... 23 '' pedestal bathroom sink is often sold as two separate pieces — the can! Over $ 1,000 the sink’s hanger bracket that holds the sink and pedestal secured. Fit your new bathroom sink the area for the rest of the drain waste arm goes into wall... Replace his cracked pedestal sink is often part of the pedestal under the to... Good idea to have a helper, as the parts can be difficult choose. Your faucet’s instructions and the size of the pipe and faucet to relieve pressure in the of. Drain and water supply tubes and the sink bowl over the pipe and move!, such as project solution capability, design style, and then the... Specific directions, since the installation height for the hacker will be easier if you ’ re not comfortable a... Rest of the stub is covered by the pedestal can be both hot and.