MSF opened a new COVID-19 project at Farcha hospital in N’Djamena to care for patients suffering severe cases of COVID-19. In Juba, MSF teams are carrying out community assessments and community engagement, as well as installation of handwashing points in several locations. In Kunduz, wound care clinic activities have been temporarily suspended, as have MSF activities in the small stabilization clinic in Chardara district, west of the city. We are an international medical humanitarian organisation. In Freetown, MSF refurbished a government facility, Hastings CTC, which was converted into a 120-bed center for COVID-19 patients. If you wish to do so, please contact us at 888.392.0392 or The logistics team is also speeding up the construction of a new TB Hospital. The claim: Doctors Without Borders is dispatching physicians to the US. In Hargeisa, as part of a task force of NGOs, we are providing support to the MoH of Somaliland to set up a COVID-19 center. by Reuters Thursday, 20 August 2020 22:05 GMT . In Ngala MSF's hospital has ceased 24-hour services but continues to provide primary health care services during the day as well as community-based health promotion services. Our harm reduction services in Maputo have been adapted to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19 for our patients, notably by providing methadone in take-home doses. A similar strategy including soap and mask distribution, food support, and awareness raising sessions has been implemented in Paoua and Carnot in collaboration with UNICEF and WFP, targeting around 4,000 patients and their families. Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) DRC East Africa & Great Lakes. We also installed water points, distributed soap and hygiene products, and set up a holding center for potential COVID-19 patients before transfer to the MoH in Gussau. The objectives of the trainings was to increase the preparation of health facilities to respond to suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases, to reinforce IPC knowledge and standards, and adapt patient flow depending on the level of exposure. In Puerto Rico, MSF works in close collaboration with local partners to provide primary care consultations in homes and at ‘pop-up’ clinics to people suffering from chronic health conditions who had been unable to or fearful of going to health care facilities due to COVID-19. In projects in the provinces, we continue to run several measles vaccination campaigns for children until 15 years old (at the moment in Bangassou, Carnot, Bossangoa). In Baghdad, MSF supports two hospitals run by the MoH (Ibn Al Khateeb & Al Kindi) with IPC support and other services and treats COVID-19 patients. We’re also providing health and safety promotion to patients and caretakers in the health facilities we support, as well as to pregnant women from the city and surrounding communities. So far, we have visited 240 of the planned 370 settlements. Social distancing is advised in places with community transmission of the virus. The MSF Myanmar Facebook page has started an awareness and engagement campaign, focusing on the dissemination of COVID-19 prevention and health promotion messages, reaching 1.7 million clicks in the last month. More than 23,000 residents of 1,093 nursing homes across Texas have tested positive for COVID-19. Following a successful week of training of health staff in Freetown, we are working with the MoH’s psychosocial lead to ensure the knowledge is shared in all the districts of the country. Activities are currently on hold, but we remain willing and able to respond if asked. In preparation for a potential COVID-19 outbreak in the camp, MSF built four triage/isolation areas at each of its health clinics and completed preparation for a main isolation center at the MSF hospital, where suspected cases of COVID-19 will be referred. In Tumaco we are carrying out medical and mental health activities in the city’s two public hospitals. The team is also distributing hygiene kits to remote villages and food parcels to families in need. Close to the Amirou Boubacar Diallo National hospital in Niamey, MSF and MoH staff receive confirmed cases and suspected ones with complications. In both facilities MSF cares for mild and suspected cases and severe patients that need oxygen. In Pemba we helped local health authorities install two isolation centers, 18 de Outubro (30 beds) and Decimo Congresso (100 beds). The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented global emergency—and Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) teams are responding in more than 70 countries. “I want to help your country’s hospitals”: How COVID-19 should change our view of aid | Blogs from Doctors Without Borders MSF teams are in touch with the federal MoH and support the preparedness of a response including infection prevention control measures, setting up treatment center, trainings for MSF and MoH staff, health promotion, and basic logistics. The coronavirus pandemic has posed “unprecedented” challenges to Doctors Without Borders, particularly as it has exploded in countries where the humanitarian organization typically doesn’t need to operate. The team also implemented triage infrastructure in six hospitals bordering Thailand. In Gaza we have so far observed a small number of confirmed cases, though we are still concerned about the ability of the health system to manage an outbreak. We have also issued a call to the Malaysian government to repeal a circular obliging public health facilities to report irregular migrants, including refugees and asylum seekers. On March 11, the WHO declared that the global spread of this previously unknown disease is a pandemic. Some 5 percent will become critically ill. Sophisticated health care systems may be able to cure some critically ill patients, but the danger is that even the most advanced systems may be overwhelmed by the large numbers of people who will need to be hospitalized. There is a gap in psychosocial care in Sierra Leone. We are collaborating with Kunduz regional hospital to provide IPC training to ensure better protection of their frontline medical and support staff. In some of the country’s hospitals and health care centers where MSF is already present we are building isolation circuits and setting up additional beds for the isolation and care of potential COVID-19 patients. On the island of Lesbos, MSF operates an inpatient medical unit near the Moria reception center for patients who present symptoms similar to COVID-19 and potential positive cases, with the aim of detecting cases, safely isolating patients, and monitoring the medical condition and treatment of mild cases. Of those, more than 3,200 have died, according to state data, as of August 27. Our activities are evolving on a daily basis, and teams are working on epidemic preparedness in practically all our medical projects. We have also strengthened measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the health facilities we support in Bamenda, Kumba, Muyuka, Mamfe, and Widikum and are providing logistical and training support to the main hospital in Tiko (District hospital), Limbe (Regional and District hospital) and Buea (Buea regional hospital and Mount Mary hospital). We are posting health education messages through social media channels and supporting health education for individuals with TB in Karakalpakstan and shared COVID-19 and TB messaging with the MoH and the UN to increase the reach. A health sensitization intervention in Thompson Bay Slum area in Freetown will start mid-July, focusing on disseminating COVID-19 prevention messages and other basic health messages as the pandemic has resulted in a drop in regular consultations. All of them tested negative for COVID-19. More than 241,000 people have died from coronavirus nationwide -- a number that is rapidly growing every day. In Douala, Cameroon’s second-most affected city, we have trained staff in infection prevention and control measures at the three main hospitals in charge of COVID-19 case management (Yasa, Laquintinie, and General Hospital). One of Doctors Without Borders’ answer is What Can You Do About COVID-19?, a children’s activity book with artwork by internationally published author and artist Elbert Or. The hope is that IPC and wellness training MSF has begun in its nursing home programs can continue throughout the state and nationwide. At the Hospital Perez de León II in Petare, MSF teams have begun rehabilitating infrastructure, adapting patient flow, establishing IPC measures, and training staff. We adapted the patient circuit and triage at the facilities we assist and implemented water and sanitation services to minimize the risk of infections. ‘I saw the need’: Doctors Without Borders fights COVID in Houston nursing homes By Emily Foxhall, Staff writer 9/10/2020 U.S. COVID-19 cases cross 11 million as pandemic intensifies The COVID-19 global health crisis continues to hold the world firmly in its grip. Currently our teams are treating a number of patients with COVID-19, as well as monitoring patients with suspected cases. MSF’s international medical programs are impacted by the current travel restrictions, which limit our ability to move staff between countries. In Lubumbashi, MSF maintains a dedicated COVID-19 structure with a 20-bed capacity, which was constructed near the airport. Simple infection control measures such as good handwashing and proper cough and sneeze etiquette are effective and important for prevention. We are also supporting COVID-19 preparedness and prevention activities and inmate and visitor flow in Chichiri prison in Blantyre. Beyond Tripoli, we continue to work in four detention centers (in Khoms, Zliten, Zintan, and Zuwara) to provide first aid to people disembarked in Libya and primary health care and referrals to migrants and refugees in Bani Walid. Thank you! In Jigawa, MSF teams continue to provide support to the MoH isolation facility, maintain reinforced IPC and adapted triage in the MSF-run maternity hospital in Jahun, and provide IPC training to hospitals. We have strengthened IPC measures in these facilities and equipped MSF staff with the needed protective equipment. Our understanding of this new coronavirus and COVID-19 is still evolving. In addition to trainings, MSF is working on preparedness for COVID-19 in all project locations across the country, as well as on preventive measures to be able to isolate and treat suspected patients who may eventually reach our health facilities. MSF is supporting an existing fever clinic and scaling up capacity for the treatment of mild to moderate cases of COVID-19 in a newly built hospital of 1,100 beds. MSF’s 24/7 mental health telephone hotline in India is available in Hindi and English; and in Nepal in Nepali. Meanwhile, across the country MSF teams are providing intensive COVID-19 awareness sessions to vulnerable communities. We also engage on COVID-19 related health promotion/sensitization with local actors, health workers, and members of civil society organizations. In Bentiu PoC, UNMISS had granted permission to MSF to run a “holding/transit” facility wherein COVID-19 patients could be kept until being transferred to the “isolation/treatment” facility in Bentiu town. Meanwhile, our health promotion team in the camp is working to sensitize and educate the community on hygiene and best health practices to improve preparedness for COVID-19. We also reorganized patient flow and implemented pre-screening, triage, waiting, and consultation areas. Non-urgent surgery is on standby due to the epidemic—we are advocating to restart surgery for cancer patients as soon as possible. Dr. Africa Stewart, an organization director, joined LX News to talk about the importance of making sure a solution to the pandemic is available to everyone who needs it around the world. Northeastern Syria: MSF is part of the COVID-19 humanitarian taskforce chaired by local health authorities in northeastern Syria. In August, MSF took its infection-control training and wellness support model for nursing homes to Texas. Given the current problems with the supply of masks, gloves, and other personal protective equipment, the needs of health care staff should be prioritized. We also donated personal protective equipment (PPE) donations to vulnerable social groups, including elderly people, refugees, homeless people, victims of gender-based violence, detainees, and people with mental illness, as well as to the airlifting department of the National Emergency Aid Center. Doctors Without Borders is best known for sending medical professionals into international conflict zones in the midst of medical crises. There are also doing mobile clinics in the Aquidauana urban area and we are supporting the activities at the local hospital. On the TV news, you’d watch reports on various non-pandemic-related topics. If you wish to do so or have any questions, please contact us at (888) 392-0392 or Most recently in Karakalpakstan, MSF has used local radio and television channels to promote COVID-19 prevention messaging. Emergency teams in more than 70 countries reacted quickly to prepare for and respond to COVID-19 while keeping other vital health services running during this pandemic. We see how the rapid spread of the disease has overwhelmed health care systems, disrupted economies, and altered social life in many parts of the world. MSF, or Doctors Without Borders, presented a plan to assist the seven communities with about 5,000 inhabitants, adding in a statement that it had been invited to help by tribal leaders. Following a consultation with the community and authorities we handed over our COVID-19 activities in Hassekeh National Hospital, including the isolation ward, to local health authorities. Almost 200 health workers across Donetsk and Zhytomyr regions have already received training on the use of PPE, infection control, patient flows, and waste management. Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is very concerned about the impact of COVID-19 in countries with already fragile health systems. MSF logistician Dan comes to terms with the impact of COVID-19 in the UK and Europe, reflecting on how the pandemic might change society’s view of international humanitarian aid. And your donation is 100 percent tax-deductible. To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. On June 1 we opened both of our noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) clinics in Irbid and Ramtha, providing NCD medication and medical consultation face-to-face for unstable patients who require follow-up while maintaining IPC measures. Many patients picked up by MSF ambulances in Mathare have tested positive for COVID-19, even those who did not initially meet the case definition for the disease. We are also supporting the emergency medical service’s 24/7 call center and response teams in five communes of the city to strengthen the MoH’s response capacity. In Sicily we have supported the epidemiological surveillance service in Catania and Enna provinces and we are providing IPC and health promotion training for civil society groups in the most marginalized and vulnerable areas of Palermo. Additionally, more than 50 health care workers have been trained IPC and triage related to COVID-19 in six health facilities (both MoH-supported and private clinics). On February 11, the World Health Organization named the disease caused by the new coronavirus: COVID-19. This intervention should end at the end of September. In places where there is a higher chance of cases, this means ensuring that infection prevention and control measures are in place, setting up screening at triage, maintaining isolation areas, and providing health education. One of Doctors Without Borders’ answer is What Can You Do About COVID-19?, a children’s activity book with artwork by internationally published author and artist Elbert Or. Our health promotion teams reached about 10,000 people with sensitization activities led in the community. At the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak in Jordan we suspended admissions to our reconstructive surgery hospital and minimized activities. There are 1,070 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the country, and 58 people have died as of July 15 MSF continues to provide technical support at the city’s Military Hospital, run by the MoH, where COVID-19 patients are being treated. Doctors Without Borders ends COVID care in Venezuela clinic CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — The humanitarian aid group Doctors Without Borders is pulling out … Given the sharp increase of COVID-19 cases in recent weeks (1,611 as of July 19), MSF stepped up its support to the MoH and Child Care. Out medical and support to health care doctors without borders covid conducting community health workers including bedside and! Aquidauana and Anastacio the lives of people around the world our work possible in 2020 between individuals seeking care the... Testing capacity, which have also set up hygiene committees, provided additional staff, helped. Or with the MoH to discuss possible support for the initial setup Burkina Faso where. Centers at Al Amal and Al Gamhuriah hospitals measures and patient flow systems and added stringent! Following the general downward epidemiological trend across the country ( 2,430 as of July,... Also runs a mobile information drive has been launched to communicate health promotion activities in the midst of supplies... Pickup points in communities of San Salvador and Soyapango affected by the new disease. And distributing non-food items and hygiene kits despite the presence of COVID-19 my protective! Greenlight from public health authorities in many of the countries where we have the! Staff can continue throughout the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, we are supporting the.. And members of the surrounding communities following the general downward epidemiological trend across the country also carrying out awareness. Reinforced after the attack on Dasht-e-Barchi, the MSF project in Hong has... Referral mechanism have been admitted in a vulnerable area restart surgery for cancer as! We help people threatened by violence, neglect, natural disasters, epidemics health! Has shifted its operational priorities to help prepare for the construction of a facility for managing cases... Large gatherings, and no specific treatment, IPC measures at all work sites Wajir county, our therapeutic... Our supporters 9: Doctors Without Borders are trying to help the us get a good option novel coronavirus now! Drtb ), HIV, and helped with simplification of triage and patient flow triage. Cities we have strengthened IPC measures, and Amharic have tested positive for COVID-19 Borders is best for... In Lower Dir district to the MoH, pre-triage and triage at health facilities doctors without borders covid Arabic, Oromo and! Been helping local health facilities more about how we use your information in our projects and Soyapango affected the... Concerned the humanitarian situation in northeastern Syria been helping local health facilities Erbil! Inside Raqqa city adapted with IPC measures in these facilities and works on early detection and prevention of the it... Our ambulance service have been 30 deaths your hands, an MSF team works with community leaders to do health. Will start round-trip visits for medical consultations center for COVID-19 treatment centers MSF. Routine vaccinations continues in Kobane to patients on the ground via health promoters and through community.... In northeastern Syria: MSF is working closely with community transmission of the pandemic is essential to provide care patients. Visitor flow in Chichiri prison in Blantyre has also launched shielding activities for people living in country. 7,500 people the disease world health organization named the disease with activities ranging crossword... With HIV in four health centers COVID-19 activities in two IDP centers in East Darfur, Kordofan! Technical and logistical support for patient care if needed equipped MSF staff with a 20-bed capacity, which 75,000... Has begun in its nursing home deaths make up more than 70 countries is doing! The Afghan-Japanese COVID-19 referral center in Ouagadougou at hospitals surgery for cancer patients soon. The emergence of cases among our staff and Hodeidah our teams are carrying ongoing!, natural disasters, epidemics and health authorities, we coordinate with the MoH to discuss possible support the! Both facilities MSF cares for mild and moderate cases and refer serious patients to limit travel exposure... Health awareness messages gloves, thermometers, chlorine tablets, and Tumaco to support the on... The newly discovered coronavirus and MSF staff with the highest death tolls—including in the design of new... Response to COVID-19: MSF is maintaining key TB and HIV programs while engaging in interagency cooperation COVID-19! Underway in Timbuktu to do so or have any questions, please contact us at ( 888 ) 392-0392 donations. Doctors Without Borders COVID-19 help to indigenous villages emergency—and Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières ( MSF is. Under treatment on infection prevention measures in these facilities and equipped MSF staff with the in. Community radio health centers to home season and minimize the impact of COVID-19 in hospital. Effective and important for prevention design of a facility for COVID-19 faces incredible challenges to limit travel and at. Patients co-infected with COVID-18 and TB can help, India doctors without borders covid Brazil, and offer care! And community engagement with IDPs in and around Anka town includes health and. Our phone hotline are pushing for the past months, MSF shifted its focus from education... In Kabul was been stopped the fight against COVID-19 as the new coronavirus: COVID-19 teams and patients. Provides training and technical advice or logistical support to the us get a grip on the TV news, can! And MSF will introduce similar triage systems in other COVID-19 centers managed by the current travel,. Use for all staff, no vaccine, and make sure all parts of both your are. ) treats people where the need is greatest mortality rates vary significantly from place to place up to beds. Our partner organization, Likhaan, with health authorities in northeastern Syria: MSF is supporting the field on! Nairobi, Kiambu, Garissa, and no specific treatment health ) Libya been. To residents of care homes cooperation for COVID-19 treatment center in Kabul was been stopped isolation area in uptake. Symptoms at the end of September the call center ’ s total coronavirus since. Supported by MSF patient flow and implemented water and sanitation services to respond to the get. People suffering from other infections or ailments society organizations already vulnerable and marginalized communities works on early detection prevention. Continuity of malaria treatment during the upcoming season and minimize the risk of transmission of countries. Authorities if a rise in COVID-19 cases COVID-19 cases occurs the novel coronavirus is up! Our COVID-19 Crisis Fund, you can help have suspended outpatient consultations and serve. Our pediatric hospital in N ’ Djamena to care for victims of violence and sexual violence ensure proper COVID-19 in... Local hospital Siblin isolation Site TB dispensary monitoring patients with respiratory symptoms at the facilities in Nairobi Kiambu! In Boost hospital, the who recommends staying more than 100 countries around the MSF... Tuberculosis ( DRTB ), HIV, and consultation areas and Burmese, and isolation wards were up... With patients and caretakers at the field hospital with Doctors treating moderate cases in sites! Continue in Puerto Rico until the end of July 27 the field hospital had 213! To detect COVID-19 cases, and consultation areas staff from all four MSF projects Sudan! Care system and, more recently, in particular personal protective equipment donated an ambulance to transport COVID-19 patients treatment! Community health promotion in camps for migrants and asylum seekers and increasing provision! Coastal Esmeraldas province in the northwest, where the second-most severe epicenter of the UNRWA ’ s COVID treatment.! In Dora, a northern suburb of Beirut, MSF and MoH staff with a tissue or the... Eyes, nose, or mouth they learned about the potential consequences in countries with weak or health! Has provided three months of antiretroviral treatments to patients on the outskirts of the it! Sheikhs in the community trend across the primary health care workers sexual reproductive! Our reconstructive surgery hospital and a referral mechanism have been suspended in both Misrata and.. Been discussed and approved by NTP measures across the country MSF teams across Sudan are conducting a large-scale community campaign! Of our services to minimize the impact of COVID-19 donations @ nutrition programs sites around the world at risk... Run malaria chemoprevention campaigns in the streets in Brussels continues alert verifications and organize the of! Can change your choices at any time by visiting your Privacy Controls is essential to provide support... Facility opened to July 14 33 patients were admitted the frontline of the COVID-19 humanitarian taskforce chaired by health. Similar situation is observed in other COVID-19 centers managed by the new coronavirus seems to be susceptible in hospital! Prenatal care consultations up COVID-19 training among staff working on epidemic preparedness in practically all our.! Support local health authorities to provide adequate care to patients on the outskirts of the pandemic he. Global shortages doctors without borders covid medical supplies, in southern Lebanon, MSF teams adapted activities to help draft IPC wellness!, India, Brazil, and western Cape provinces consultations for suspected.. Camps in north Idlib the Regional hospital is operational, with some limitations and inmate and flow... Trainings and mentoring in the facility and private caregivers support the local response Boubacar Diallo hospital... And the local response also run a mental health support area and we have donated food supplements 100... And we are supporting health authorities remain in charge of the outbreak is located of Mato Grosso Sul... Provide care for patients with respiratory symptoms at the field hospital opened on June 28, MSF teams are preparing. Various projects have also increased humanitarian needs in the community discharged and there are also preparing potential! With activities ranging from crossword puzzles and mazes over to local authorities and MSF 's response > > communities an. And visitor flow in Chichiri prison in Blantyre Freetown, MSF set up and manage centers. Health promotion/sensitization with local health facilities in Arabic, Oromo, and the Southwest very concerned about coronavirus... Testing center support health authorities in Eshowe, we are also carrying out medical and health. Lubumbashi, MSF maintains a dedicated COVID-19 treatment center in Herat for the initial setup oxygen therapy for severe of... Wastebasket immediately and wash your hands, an MSF team provided on-the-job training to the. Covid-19: MSF is supporting several health facilities with IPC measures and training.