All I want now is to taste that despair of death that you only get once in life. Your stupid hope... And your stupid life! Yeah... "To show the world the murders taking placing at, "They were a relentless bunch, refusing to give up on hope and trying to give up on hope and trying to force their beliefs on the world. All of the students then believed that Junko had died, not knowing that the Junko they knew was an imposter, because at the time the students were not privy to the fact that there were actually sixteen students. In Danganronpa Zero, it is stated that she looks much more average without her make-up. However, Ryota starts to grow suspicious of Junko when she talks about despair and Mikan stops acting normally. Upon meeting Chiaki in an underground room, Junko takes an interest in her, claiming she'd been wanting to become friends with her, although this is obviously a lie. "Oh, I forgot. Junko Enoshima is from the horror game/anime, Danganronpa. That's how i can devote myself purely to pursuing despair! Junko is featured as the main antagonist and mastermind in the first two games of the series as the true identity of Monokuma (Japanese: モノクマ, Hepburn: Monokuma, Monobear), in the spin-off Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girlsin the … When Juzo confronted Junko on Kyosuke's behalf, Junko managed to overpower him in a physical fight (with some brainwashed Reserve Course students). Anime Junko explained to Mukuro that Makoto was the only person who she could not predict; nonetheless, she shot down her sister's suggestion that they kill him, believing that it would be more despair-inducing if someone like Makoto was able to beat her in the end. "If you, the collective hope of a new generation, could survive, maybe the world could have a fresh start. Yasuke went around angrily looking for the perpetrator until finally, Junko approached him and stated that she had actually destroyed her own sandcastle. Her appearance and personality will often shift in sync with one another, as they are interdependent. I want more distress, more despair...! Manga 超高校級の「ギャル」超高校級の「分析力」超高校級の「絶望」 (Monokuma Personality), "Would you like to die?" $35.99 $ 35. Her voice changes several times throughout the final school trial in order to represent her changing personalities. Lame lame lame lame LAME! English She is also mentioned to be a bit too talkative with an overly carefree attitude. Unusually, she also seemed to treat Izuru as an ally instead of her servant, and she was irritated when Izuru walked away without saying a proper goodbye. The kids seemingly were loving towards Junko as well, but as later revealed in Danganronpa: Another Episode, Monaca was the only one who was ultimately loving towards her, often referring to her as "Big Sis Junko". How long will you stare into one another's eyes?" As Junko began to visibly enjoy her situation, the alarms activated and Izuru was prompted to knock her out. $34.00 $ 34. This ability is also what gave Junko her title as the "Ultimate Fashionista" due to her being able to predict trends, allowing Junko to literally predict what would become popular with society. No matter where you run, no matter where you hide... Maybe you'll find some hope, but there is a very fine line dividing that hope from bitter despair. As she puts it, she regretted the moment of her own birth, feeling that her birth into the world was a mistake. ", "Hope is harmony. What despair! Alter Ego Junko manipulates both the Warriors of Hope and the adults of the Towa City in the form of Shirokuma and Kurokuma. However, she is capable of maintaining one persona for extended periods of time when necessary, such as when she was overseeing the students through Monokuma. ", "She was an angel of everlasting darkness, delighting in her own despair, and using it to spread despair and destruction to those around her.". Junko began counting down as Chiaki desperately tried to limp to safety, only to be speared in her right knee when Junko reached the six-second mark—a cruel fake-out that Junko mockingly attributed to "a despairingly bad memory". However, paradoxically, it was also indicated that Junko did truly love her sister and that all of her horrible treatment of her was to make her feel despair, which Junko considered to be a loving act. Junko remained calm during these events and was amused by how much Nagito believed in hope. I'm bored. Since Junko is still a high school student, she is technically a コギャル "kogyaru" (an abbreviation of 高校生ギャル kōkōsei gyaru or "high school gyaru"). Despair shallows up love, hatred, and everything else. The reason Junko killed Mukuro was to bring her and her sister despair since beyond all appearances she truly did love Mukuro. Even though Junko is a supporting character, she is still the most cosplayed character from Danganronpa. Price: $23.88 ($23.88 / Count) FREE Shipping on your first order. Till then, you're just goin' in circles! Junko explained that the two of them had been scouted by Hope's Peak Academy and that they would be attending school there. Around the same time, the school board members were killed one by one by Mukuro. As she no longer remembered who she was, she only had false information in a notebook and the continual deception by both Yasuke and Mukuro (who pretended to be Junko) to go off on. Have you made your choice? If I use those to mess you up, it leaves real trauma. DRtA Furthermore, she frequently insulted Mukuro's looks and intelligence, considering herself superior in every way. As such, it is considered to be incomplete regarding the information available. Fitting her unstable and changing personality, Junko has no listed likes or dislikes. Isn't it just so desperately dark? The betrayal and murder of her was meant to send them both into despair (for Junko, the despair of killing her sister, and for Mukuro, the despair of being betrayed and killed by her sister). 江ノ島 盾子 She continued by blackmailing him, threatening to show Kyosuke photos of Juzo showing love for him in private. Junko spreads her despair into the survivors and manipulates them into wanting to graduate but with the help of Chiaki, Hajime is able to become awakened and put an end to her despair. The despair actually has me in top spirits, "I don't know. She accessories with a long tie that hangs loosely around her neck with a design alternates between pure white (Danganronpa 3) and as half black and white with a prohibition sign on it (Danganronpa 1) that hangs loosely around her neck, a thin black choker, a red bow above her left breast, and two buttons on her right side. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Makoto states that she doesn't need to die, but Junko executes herself even after his request. In Chapter 0 of Danganronpa 2, Izuru acknowledges that Junko used him in the past and seems to desire for revenge, as he wants to use her as she used him. The two of them began to scheme and plan the High School Life of Mutual Killing in order to find and inflict 'true despair' upon people. I want every last soul on this planet to taste such despair! Mukuro then told her that after Izuru knocked her out, he informed her that he would be "waiting" for the two of them. Every living person will be dead in hundred years anyway, so the world ending isn't that big a deal. One example of this is when Junko tried to murder her sister with an ice pick and a grenade while in a limo. I simply gave you a little nudge in the right direction. 00. Knowing that, you still plan to cling to your hope? As a young fashionista, Junko is described as simply \"not fake\", charismatic and eager to try new things. ", "By constantly living in the pit of despair, we could go all out without fear for our lives! English She delightfully accepted her execution and death, but not before giving the remaining students the means to escape the Academy. It's later revealed that Nagito attempted to kill Junko on their first encounter when Nagito found Junko in an underground tunnel by chance. Talent Answering tthe same questions, over and over! 日本語 Megumi Toyoguchien-US Amanda Céline Miller[3][4]en-US Erin Fitzgerald[5] your own Pins on Pinterest It's all SO uncool! MYYH Anime Junko Enoshima Cosplay Costume Uniform Halloween. Despair into nothingness!" She was forced to accept that a retrial is necessary, but then Junko- then still in Monokuma form - decided to gradually reveal the whole truth to the students, confident that even if she was exposed, they would not be able to handle the shock of the outside world they longed to go back to having already “ended” due to The Tragedy. Junko Enoshima is the main antagonist ofthe Hope's Peak Saga of Danganronpa. AI Junko is the only character (along with, This makes Junko one of twelve characters who share their voice actor with another character in the Japanese version (the others being. This is an image gallery for Junko Enoshima's appearances in Danganronpa: The Animation, Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School, and Super Danganronpa 2.5: Komaeda Nagito to Sekai no Hakaimono. Chisa continued her narration, rebutting Junko's claim that the world is done for, stating that this story will end in hope; although visibly annoyed for a moment, Junko insisted that it didn't matter anymore because both of them are already dead. She expressed disappointment that she was unable to defeat him by exploiting his supposed weakness instead. Despair at the thought of the unknown! Gyaru fashion is typically characterized by having heavily bleached or dyed hair (mostly shades from dark brown to blonde), highly decorated nails, and dramatic makeup. I wanna see, too... See your faces sink into despair...! You were all my treasured, "Our final desire for creating this world of despair was so we could experience one last. Enoshima can literally mean “island of the bay”, or refer to the island in the Kanagawa prefecture. Due to how close she was to discovering the truth about the killing game and her stealing her skeleton key, Junko recognized Kyoko as a threat and attempted to frame her for the murder of Mukuro, who was dead at the time, but this plan is ruined by Makoto. Prior to the Despair Incident, she was responsible for the deaths of several other students, including one member of Hope's Peak Academy's Steering Committee and Isshiki Madarai. Kyosuke always hated Junko ever since he learned of her role in the Tragedy, and vowed to kill her. Getting bored so easy, I mean. Translation Junko first appeared walking out of a taxi at the airport, leaving a wallet rigged to explode in the car as a "tip" for the driver. Voiced most times by Amanda Celine Miller, Jamie Marchi, Megumi Toyoguchi. Despair is an unknown. *You* are in despair. She wears a black cardigan over a white dress shirt loose enough to expose some of her bra, and has many accessories, including a loose black-and-white tie and red bow. He was stabbed in the side by Junko and afterward, she kicked his body until it was a bloody unrecognizable mess. ", "As the story goes, the older sister who boasted great physical strength was, "I killed her because I had reasons that ran deeper than the ocean! She also began to broadcast everything as a TV program for the public to enjoy and fall into despair. This is the worst despair. However, this also often proved to be her biggest weakness, as she gave her opponents a "fair" chance to defeat her in order to make their despair all the greater if they fail, and happily welcomed her own despair if her plans failed. Juzo holds a deep grudge against Junko for both causing him to betray Kyosuke and starting the Tragedy. We're already dead, anyway!" Perfect for Enoshima Junko anime cosplay,fancy dress party and themed events or just for a change of look daily wear Item also includes a classic Free Wig Cap to … When Chisa learned that Junko was responsible for the recent events at Hope's Peak, she tried to protect her students from her, ultimately failing when Junko subdued and brainwashed her with the help of Mukuro. Junko starts the Mutual Killing Game of Class 78th and speaks to her classmates through a smaller version of Monokuma, hiding her true identity. I'm thinking of how and when I can destroy all these things that have led to a happy end! See more ideas about danganronpa, danganronpa junko, anime. Junko found the whole situation hilarious, and called Juzo weak, saying she had no more time to waste on someone like him. The council refused even after Junko unveiled tapes that have their parents' scandals on them. One main photo depicts her with a younger-looking Junko holding onto her wheelchair. Junko had romantic feelings for Yasuke, referring to them as "lovers", though Yasuke denied this. She used to be homeless. 1. Mukuro inquired as to why she didn't keep them around to help but was rebuffed by Junko, who explained that although they thought like her, they were nowhere near the same level of ability and so were useless to her. Kanji Juzo begged her not to, and Junko agreed under the condition that he attests to her innocence and erode suspicion from the higher-ups of her connection to the recent chain of events. She delightfully accepted her execution and death, but not before giving the remaining students the means to escape the Academy. Around the time when The Tragedy was beginning, five abused kids from Hope's Peak Elementary School called Monaca Towa, Nagisa Shingetsu, Kotoko Utsugi, Masaru Daimon, and Jataro Kemuri were about to commit suicide. ", "After all, if all the despair in the world is lost... That'd just be another reason for despair! Her motives behind doing both things was so that she could obtain comatosed bodies and also to lure the Future Foundation into the game. She is also one of eleven characters who share their voice actor with another character in the English version (alongside Mukuro, Makoto and Nagito. She also wears a black miniskirt and a new tie that lacks the circled X and has a different balance of white and black; the collar and knot are white, while the rest is black. She has blue eyes and long, thick, strawberry blonde hair tied in two pigtails, with Monokuma hair clips (complete white/complete black). In Danganronpa Zero, it's revealed that her love for despair developed at quite a young age due to an unknown reason and that her true talent is her near-supernatural analytical skills. When asked for a reason, she replied that she did so by accident. The children started to call themselves the Warriors of Hope. This is also seen in Danganronpa 3, when she similarly senses Makoto's potential. Chō kōkō kyū no “gyaru”Chō kōkō kyū no “bunsekiryoku”Chō kōkō kyū no “zetsubō” "Second Generation Enoshima" (二代目江ノ島) is a scrapped character featured in the Danganronpa Another Episode art book. At the end of the Killing School Life in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, Junko appears to be a young high school-aged teenager, but due to her causing her classmate's memory loss she is two years older than they all believed her and themselves to be. Junko ENOSHIMA information, including related anime and manga. As the chaos unfolded, Junko made her way into the control room with Mukuro. Mukuro Ikusaba (Older twin sister)† The surviving members hacked her body into pieces and attached those parts to themselves; one notable example was Nagito Komaeda, who took her left hand and treated it as his own, despite it being non-functional. Follow. Even if you're wrong, eventually you'll figure it out, right? (Serious Personality), "I just love despair!" "Everything will be blown away... Blown into truly despairful despair! It's even implied that her death was planned right from the start. Junko Enoshima (江ノ島 盾子 Enoshima Junko) is the main antagonist in the Danganronpa series. Junko set Ryota up in the office of the missing Steering Committee member while Mukuro brought Mikan, whom she had abducted, to Ryota's dorm. Due to her talent, she wears heavy make-up along with (possibly fake) long red nails. Uncool! She threatened to show it to Kyosuke and expose Juzo's feelings for him. Annoying! Okay, let's do this! In the original Japanese, Junko's title is Super High School Level Gyaru (超高校級の「ギャル」). Junko revealed that the reason why she loved despair so much was because of that super analytical ability—she had gotten bored with the world and she believed that only despair could save her from that boredom. Similar to Nagito Komaeda, Junko seems to have a strange ability to sense hope and despair in other people, which doesn't seem to be related to her analytical skill. She is the main antagonist of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, a recurring antagonist inSuper Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Academyand aposthumousantagonist in New Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, and the posthumous overarching antagonist of the Danganronpa: Another … Super High School Level GalSuper High School Level Analytical ProwessSuper High School Level Despair She planned to become her successor herself based on the Servant's advice but ended up giving up on this goal after she realized that she didn't want to become like him, completely obsessed with hope and despair. Do you think I might be sick?". This bear hairpin is a headdress attached by Junko Enoshima, the villain in anime. 99. While she is very skilled, Junko can also lie and cheat to further her own goals, even if it's hypocritical and goes against her beliefs. Mikan was the first person in Class 77-B Junko brainwashed. People have told me I'm cuter than a hundred chihuahuas combined. The two are later seen at the school ceremony, right behind Makoto, who was about to walk into the school as Junko narrated the story. Junko appears alongside Mukuro after the events of the Giboura Massacre, congratulating her for a job well done. However, it should be noted that she usually takes the more personal approach only with people she is genuinely interested in. Her career created a lot of unwanted attention as well; she claimed that the only men who were interested in her were "creeps who did not actually care about her.". Waiting so very long for peasants like you to appear! But you know, "See? She is also the founder of Ultimate Despair (超高校級の「絶望」, chō kōkō kyū no "zetsubō"; English: "Super High-School Level Despair"). Deceased Junko sent a mass e-mail to all of the Reserve Course students, exposing the Student Council massacre and Izuru's existence. The two are later seen in a limo. Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls, Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School, Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School/Despair Arc, the Biggest, Most Atrocious Despair-Inducing Incident in Human History, Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School/Future Arc, Official Artbook Profile translated by @jinjojess on Tumblr. An underclassman and member of the Class 77-B of Hope's Peak Academy. As she already been interested in Chiaki before their first encounter, Junko had planned to make her watch the Despair Video. She then walked into the airport and waited for her sister Mukuro, while narrating her plan to the viewer and her sister. Junko Enoshima is a character and main antagonist in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and was enrolled in Hope's Peak Academy as the Ultimate Fashionista.Secretly she was also the founder of the organization called Ultimate Despair alongside her older twin sister Mukuro Ikusaba.She also briefly went under the alias as Ryoko Otonashi after she experienced a loss of memory and who she really was. 179 notes. Annoying! Uncool! For the first time in his life, Yasuke cried in front of another person, after making her promise she won't make fun of him, won't tell anyone and won't try to console him. The video game character Junko Enoshima is a teen with to waist length blonde / yellow hair and blue eyes. Junko's usual outfit includes a black cardigan over a white dress shirt, with both left open to the third button to expose the top of her black-and-red bra, a red pleated miniskirt, and mid-sized black boots with platform heels and red laces. She can often predict what a person is going to do before they do it - an ability she can use to defeat opponents much stronger than her. 日本語 Sayaka Kanda. That crap isn't popular!". Just make up whatever answer you want, I don't give a shit! As the mastermind and leader of Ultimate Despair, Junko was shown to be highly intelligent, cunning, somewhat impulsive, extremely manipulative, and violent and cruel without remorse. (to, "I was thinking I want to make the world a better place, too!" List of DR and DR2 casts former high schools. (to, "Giving me that scary look is pointless. Before his death, Izuru seemed shocked as the dying council member set off a shot that managed to graze his cheek. Everything serves the outcome. There's no need to panic. "I'm so happy that you of all people can rely on me, "When fighting by yourself, there's no one to save you when you're in trouble... And if I were to lose... to, "Yup, I can think of 20,264 ways to give people a despair-inducing surprise. So no matter what you pick, you get the right answer! The main dish awaits! Novel Above all, however, Junko was deeply obsessed with despair, having found despair to be one of the most enjoyable emotions for her, whether it be the inflicting of despair unto others, or suffering from despair wholeheartedly. Junko watched the class through her binoculars before proclaiming that they would infect the world with despair. In Danganronpa Zero and Danganronpa 3, it's indicated that Mukuro may have incestuous feelings towards her sister, but Junko does not appear to be aware of this or just doesn't care. "Stop it stop it stop it STOP IT! and the anime Danganronpa. Erin Fitzgerald is a Canadian-American voice actress best known for voicing Chie Satonaka in the Persona 4 series and Quark fromZero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward. Junko often switched between "moods," which included (but was not limited to) her Monokuma persona, and four other manners of speech which included complexes of cuteness, severe depression, sophistication, and superiority; she switched between "moods" regularly, often imitating other students' expressions, which made for highly unsettling conversation to the survivors. Katakana She taunted the students, still, despite the setback, and proclaimed that even if Makoto survived the execution he would eventually rot inside the school garbage dump, making his punishment worse than usual. Junko was impressed with Nagito after he stopped Mukuro from intervening with him and asked how he could track so much information regarding her movement. Truthfully, she had done this to get Yasuke out of his house, upset that his mother's condition had led him to become more withdrawn than usual. That is all. 2. Her Ultimate ability in the Japanese version is Gyaru; this is a Japanese way of pronouncing the English word \"girl\". When he agreed to this half-heartedly, she aggressively pressed her stiletto onto his head and demanded he begs her, effectively having Juzo under her complete control.