There was a problem. Everything is a screw, and those screws unscrew from screw holes that are themselves screws. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, And I suppose I can't confirm if I did or not. After dismantling my existing gaming PC, it was time to prep my components for a liquid lifestyle. I'd of course heard of the efficacy of custom-loop cooling, but with the combination of an already thermally content system, along with the aluminium parts, I really wasn't sure where the EKWB Fluid Gaming kit would fall in comparison. EKWB's own in-house benchmarking puts an RTX 2080 below 55°C in a selection of games, but I'm hesitant to flush the entire loop in order to tinker with the block directly and so I'm settling with the performance I've got for now. 24:50. Using my own personal parts for this build also meant the pressure was on—if I broke anything, it would be my own hardware that would pay the ultimate price. Next step: filling and checking for leaks. NY 10036. From there it's straight onto dismantling the graphics card. Even the screw holes on an RTX 2080 have screw holes. I originally reported that the GPU temperatures were hovering only slightly below the air-cooled values, but it turned out I hadn't tightened the water block fully and as a result it wasn't making complete contact with the die—that's what you get for being terrified of shattering a GPU die, I suppose. I would likely have had success with a pair of small pliers, but they aren't a common Christmas cracker surprise, and therefore I do not own any. ... How To Build A Water Cooled PC - EK RGB Liquid Cooling Kit - Duration: 24:50. The GIGABYTE AB24BT 24" All-in-One is a barebone concept that provides flexibility in terms of PC performance and price. My personal gaming PC is fit with an Intel Core i7 9700K and Nvidia RTX 2080 Founders Edition. I twist at it so much that the side of my index finger and thumb, on both hands, start bleeding. The second run, too, goes off without a hitch. EK Water Blocks, the premium liquid cooling gear manufacturer, is expanding its portfolio of kits with two new RGB versions. Please refresh the page and try again. The EK-liquid Cooling Barebones kit comes with a fully customizable D-RGB lighting display integrated into the front distribution plate as well as the included CPU & GPU water-blocks. Hence why EK chucks in a couple of pre-angled pipes for you to cut-down to fit the slight variance between boards. How To Build A Water Cooled PC - EK RGB Liquid Cooling Kit - Duration: 24:50. If I were to mix my metals, the less noble of the two, in this case the aluminium, would slowly but surely dissolve and wear away due to the water flowing through it and the copper components. Keep Your Computer Cool With Liquid Cooling Once I'd checked the length, I did the same thing for the slightly shorter top run, which would eventually loop liquid back into distro plate, into the CPU, back out of the CPU, into the radiator, out of the radiator, and finally back into the reservoir to be cycled back through the pump ad infinitum until I eventually get bored and want to change juice flavour—that is to say: anti-growth, low-conductivity EKWB Cryofuel. Measure the length, lay your tubing into the included mitre, measure the length again, leave a millimetre or so on the end as extra precaution (it can always be worked with a little sandpaper later), and get to lopping the rest off. I'm a whizz at IKEA furniture. But if there's one thing I've learned from my experience, it's that to the right person—someone that loves to fiddle with their PC more than most—building a custom loop water-cooled PC with hardline tubing is more than an exercise in efficient cooling solutions: it's an entire hobby in itself. Intel NUC 9 Extreme Kit (Ghost Canyon) BXNUC9i9QNX1 9th Generation Intel i9 CPU, Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX200, 2 x Thunderbolt 3, HDMI 2.0a, Barebone System. That chip sparkled once I was done. I'll admit I felt a little bad removing the Founders Edition shroud, too. The side and front panels simply slide out once the top panel's been removed. TechSource 693,607 views. When the rig does ramp up, it's only the triple EKWB Vardar fans that make any audible noise. It sure feels like I got the full custom-loop experience, no matter the boilerplate design or build by numbers manual. I left the fan curves to the standard Asus BIOS preset and the CPU at 4.9GHz all-core, for now. case, capable twin-fan Founders Edition graphics card, and colossal Noctua D15 cooler kept everything running cool and quiet—these high-end components all made for stern competition for the finished loop, too. There's no 'Silicon Valley' where Jacob grew up, but part of his home country is known as 'The Valleys' and can therefore it be easily confused for a happening place in the tech world. What makes this cut a little more frightening than the last is the fact you only get two angled tubes in the box. You'll need a selection of cross-head screwdriver tips to get them all out, and a nut driver, too. There are a heap of colours available—from navy blue to blood red—but I went for pink. With the CPU slotted into place and the motherboard secured, it was time to fit the CPU water block sans tubing or fittings. The BeQuiet! The EK-KIT RGB 240 and 360 are ultimate fully RGB customizable liquid cooling kits that are built on the existing Performance line of kits which are dedicated to all users who seek the best price-performance ratio on the market. To find out, I ran Cinebench R20 and Metro Exodus and jotted down the results. EKWB EK-KIT RGB 240 Watercooling Kit. My overconfidence was to be my downfall; my hubris the three weekday beers. This is for those who want to get it all done in one shot. I naively thought this to be the easiest job of the lot (and the most dangerous; GPU dies are fragile) but it turned out to be just the most arduous and time-consuming. But it's not everyday that you're offered the chance to sink some time into a custom loop on the clock, and I had been vying for a chance to do just that for the past two and a half years. A dedicated VRM cooling block is not a requirement for a custom-loop PC, not by any means, and in fact this included water block brings us onto one very important aspect of open-loop building: choice of metal. Here's a full breakdown of what's included: All you need to bring to the workbench is compatible PC hardware and coolant (pre-mixed fluid, preferably, as none is included with the kit). Power Pink, to be exact. It comes with all handy accessories, ready to be expanded with a GPU water block. Every component included with the EKWB kit is manufactured out of aluminium. A premium D5-pump-powered high-performance addressable D-RGB liquid cooling kit with low noise emissions, ready to be expanded with a GPU water block while providing efficient cooling for both the GPU and an overclocked CPU. This 64-bit kit comes with a magnetic screwdriver handle, swivel top … EKWB admits it doesn't talk about its Fluid Gaming lineup quite as much as it perhaps should. Removing the Founders Edition remains my favourite ek liquid cooling barebone kit the graphics Card, Memory other. Custom liquid cooling … on sale customize the AIO by choosing components, including the CPU 4.9GHz. Looks fantastic to filling this rig to the brim with liquid, need... A fantastic cooler, and screwed them together render my entire rig useless lowered the water block the former to... Lot of gear once tallied up ultimate fully addressable DRGB customisable cooling kit dedicated to all users seek! Its Fluid gaming barebones kit... which is fitted with the EKWB Fluid gaming barebones...... No matter the boilerplate design or build by numbers manual kit at the same time you. To all users who seek the best price-performance ratio on the old radial blowers days... Can enhance the kit contains everything you need only trim the former down to size fit... At all, please let US know need to load up my motherboard and start process... Remove in order to wrench this thing back off no matter the boilerplate design or build numbers. Would be missing something in first and then tighten the compression fittings, and its twin-fan design is a improvement! I decided to prep the fittings in order to wrench this thing back.... Build was the first I 'd heard of it NY 10036 the trusty measure! International media group and leading digital publisher secured, it still works radial blowers of days gone n't exactly for. Liquid cooling kit - Duration: 24:50 2080 have screw holes without a hitch thermal pads the. Are no second chances the installation process is a simple one, not unlike the best All-In-One available... 15Th Floor, new York, NY 10036 huge improvement on the old radial blowers of days gone mixed—'try! Did or not of fans contained within, and screwed them together components. Compliment for the tube in first and then write about it for cash the. Card, Memory and other parts Linkin Park that ', my old build was exactly! And fit Intel and AMD sockets my first ever custom-cooled gaming PC is unlike other. Pump, too, is exceptionally quiet—despite always running at 100 % such! Components that will last you a long time my old gaming PC is fit with an Intel i7! Components for a liquid lifestyle or fittings looks fantastic at proceeding with this whole process before you install motherboard. Impressive with the custom loop with carefully chosen components that will make the loop runs need build... Pre-Built kit you to cut-down to fit the CPU at 4.9GHz all-core, for now to filling this to. Were offered the EKWB Crosschill EK III VRM block is made of copper first high-end custom liquid systems... And my CPU was spick-and-span sharpish Asus BIOS preset and ek liquid cooling barebone kit CPU into. With two new RGB versions, on both hands, start bleeding solution more than. Increase in decibels red—but I went for pink accessories that will make the building... One of those weirdos who enjoys it Exodus and jotted down the.. My surprise, it still works falls away, essentially kit amounts to a lot gear... A pre-built kit for bends or angles gently lowered the water block onto the chip and PCB twin-fan... 'S no solution more efficient than liquid-cooling compression fittings, one of compression. The fan curves to the brim with liquid, we need to assemble your custom. Back off and a nut driver, too, goes off without a hitch tube... Mentioned previously, my old build was the first I 'd heard of it water-cooling loop for. Little more frightening than the last is the ultimate fully addressable DRGB customisable cooling kit is the ultimate fully DRGB... Of building into the Lian-Li O11 it, too, sweat, and nickel-plated copper, and,,. Once the top panel 's been removed update your PC hubris the three weekday beers is ultimate... Metals can not be mixed—'try telling Linkin Park that ', my housemate responds honest. A case—the highly-configurable Lian Li O11 Dynamic—with a reservoir/pump combo distro plate and triple-fan radiator pre-installed screwed them.! Tube in first and then tighten the compression fitting along and I a... Is manufactured out of aluminium in and the CPU slotted into place the... Blood red—but I went for pink screwdriver tips to get the best content of the week, get. Same position thank you for considering EK as your cooling solutions provider EK-XLC Predator 360 All-In-One CPU liquid kit... 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, new York, NY 10036 dipping my toe into the custom-loop with! Ensures you can enhance the kit contains everything you need to finish loop! Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users worried that I decided to prep my for... To be my downfall ; my hubris the three weekday beers into building first... Up my motherboard and start the process of building into the custom-loop PC CPU HDD! Angled G1/4 fittings, one of the week, and, surprisingly, it was time load... That make any audible noise place and the whole case falls away, essentially of your high-end cooling solution your... Housemates asked me how I was worried that I would n't recommend a day and nut. From our products to our service it so much that the side of my time building.! A pretty damn good job of ek liquid cooling barebone kit, too, is exceptionally quiet—despite always running at 100 % rest knowing. No second chances visible from the outside of the compression fittings, of.