The day is at hand - the full manifestation of the Sun of righteousness, in the illumination of the whole Gentile world approaches rapidly. Wilt thou then not be afraid of the power? Some think the passage should be understood thus: We have now many advantages which we did not formerly possess. As he said, "I came not to destroy but to fulfill" (Matthew 5:17). Render to all their dues: tribute to whom tribute is due: custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honor to whom honor. The character of a lawful civil governor, Romans 13:4. Some sleep the sleep of the sluggard (Proverbs 24:30-34). A gutless namby-pambyism has come to characterize far too many Christians of this age, who naively and stupidly suppose that police departments are dispensable, that love can just take everything, and that our own enlightened (?) on Thus, Stanley Baldwin described the disastrous effects which always accompany the dissolution of states and the breakdown of authority. Even beyond all this was the evil nature of the Roman government itself, enjoying at the moment the relative tranquillity of the quinquennium of Nero, but despite that, almost universally hated for its pitiless institutions of imperial power. None ever cared as much as they; but, inspired men of God, they KNEW that extremist methods would have done no good, but would have, on the other hand, done much harm in the multiplication of human misery and sorrow. It must be allowed, notwithstanding, that when a prince, howsoever heedful to the laws, is unrighteous in private life, his example is contagious; morality, banished from the throne, is discountenanced by the community; and happiness is diminished in proportion to the increase of vice. ii., page 307. Many a spiritual sleeper has delusions of grandeur and glory which pertain not at all to him. The propriety of paying lawful tribute, Romans 13:6, Romans 13:7. Search using our Online Bible by Topic, Verse Reference or Phrase. Choose a verse from 'Romans 1' to begin your 'Verse-by-Verse' study of God's Word using the more than 100 commentaries available on It is a comment upon the effectiveness and success of the state as God's ordained institution that such a statement as this stands as truth. The taxes are to be paid for the support of those who are God's ministers - the necessary civil officers, from the king downwards, who are attending Continually on this very thing. It existed contemporaneously with Christ and the apostles. Sorry but your search resulted in no verses being found. This metaphor applied with specific force to the lifting of the long night of pagan darkness which had wrapped the world in Woe. Romans 1:13 - I do not want you to be unaware, brethren, that often I have planned to come to you (and have been prevented so far) so that I may obtain some fruit among you also, even as among the rest of the Gentiles. Home > Study Desk. Inasmuch then as I am an apostle of Gentiles, I magnify my ministry, on The person in view, therefore, is the policeman, the legally constituted arm of human government, making the law-enforcement men of cities, states, and nations to be every whir as much "ordained of God" as any minister of the gospel. They did not participate in the public festivals and ceremonies given over to the deification of the emperor, and might, therefore, have been suspect as enemies of the government. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is a minister of God, an avenger of wrath to him that doeth evil. Let every soul be in subjection to the higher powers: for there is no power but of God; and the powers that be are ordained of God. May all the sleepers be aroused by the call of the apostle's words here. And what is this solemn doctrine? Let us walk honestly, as in the day - Let us walk, ευσχημονες, decently, from εν, well, and σχημα, mien, habit, or dress. Not merely those laws of the state conceived of as "just laws" are to be obeyed; but, as Peter said, "every ordinance of man" was to be obeyed. Government is thus elevated into the sphere of religion. Click the Bible to visit the new being developed!! Also included links to commentaries, concordances, dictionaries, encyclopedia and lexicons. No provision should be made for the encouragement and gratification of such a principle as this. Nothing can justify the opposition of the subjects to the ruler but overt attempts on his part to change the constitution, or to rule contrary to law. To the gentle, Spirit-filled Christian, Rome must certainly have appeared to be the seat of Satan himself, an impression that would have been "proved" in their view by the murders and debaucheries which occurred so soon thereafter, drowning Nero's administration in blood and shame. No Christian, much less an apostle, ever organized an underground for runaway slaves, edited a radical newspaper, bombed the baths of the emperor, scrawled obscene slogans on the walls of the palace (even though it was Nero's palace), nor disturbed the public peace. The apostle considers the state of the Gentiles under the notion of night, a time of darkness and a time of evil practices. Since the execution of their office is suited to excite “fear,” we should render to them that reverence which is appropriate to the execution of their function. It is a comment upon the extreme worthiness of our own government, as compared to other worldly states, that many Christians do share in the management of its institutions and hold offices of public trust, the nation being far better off for the presence of such citizens within the structure of its political and institutions. In addition you can use the Interlinear Bible and much more to enhance your understanding of God's word. The generality of the best critics think it a spurious reading. Such is the attractiveness to the masses of mankind of the idea of overthrowing governments which they consider unjust or oppressive, that even Christian ministers sometimes make a distinction between obeying "good" governments and "bad" governments, actually suggesting in their specious logic that it is all right for conscientious and well-intentioned activists to go forth and pull down the government if they think it is bad. That Paul consciously followed the teachings of the Master throughout is observable in several particulars, as noted by Lenski: This passage does not teach that if one loves his neighbor he has license to break any of the commandments, but that truly loving one's neighbor will positively restrain from any sinful action against one's neighbor. The mode of speech itself is taken from the custom of stage players: they assumed the name and garments of the person whose character they were to act, and endeavored as closely as possible to imitate him in their spirit, words, and actions. Therefore, the apostle says, Owe no man; as if he had said: Ye owe to your fellow brethren nothing but mutual love, and this is what the law of God requires, and in this the law is fulfilled. Eusebius, in his life of Constantine, says the same of his sons, they put on their father - they seemed to enter into his spirit and views, and to imitate him in all things. An assassin may slay him, a thief despoil him, or any unexpected peril overcome him; and, regardless of what might occur, he is vulnerable, asleep, in danger. The Dominion of North America changed hands while people slept! Thus, "day" in this passage, having reference to the same time, means "at the present time, in the gospel age.". Click the Bible for the all new!! "I know! Over and above all this, there stands the commandment of the apostles that the public prayers of Christians should constantly be directed to God upon the behalf of the state and its lawful representatives, on behalf of "kings and all that are in high place" (1 Timothy 2:1,2), to the intent that Christians might be permitted to "lead a tranquil life in all godliness and gravity," thus, by implication, making the provision of such privilege for Christians being the state's intended function. In our own beloved America today, those people who are flirting with revolutionary schemes, if they should ever have their way, shall certainly overwhelm themselves and their posterity with sorrows, and far from attaining any worthy goals, will reap a gory harvest of tragedy and disappointment. In all nations of the earth there is what may be called a constitution - a plan by which a particular country or state is governed; and this constitution is less or more calculated to promote the interests of the community. Shall receive to themselves damnation - Κριμα, condemnation; shall be condemned both by the spirit and letter of that constitution, which, under pretense of defending or improving, they are indirectly labouring to subvert. Love worketh no to his neighbor: love therefore is the fulfillment of the law. Home > Study Desk. Romans 4:24 and Romans 5:6; Romans 5:10-11. ζωοποιήσει. Still others sleep the sleep of spiritual death, as did certain Christians in Corinth. Paul's imagery here still refers to sleepers waiting too long to rouse out of slumber. The sleep of those Christians had been induced by their neglect of the Lord's Supper and public worship, which shows how easily people may slip into such a deadly sleep. The necessity of subjection, Romans 13:5. That such was actually Paul's meaning here is evident from a comparison with Ephesians 5:14, quoted under Romans 13:11, above, where "Christ will shine upon you," does not mean at the judgment, but right now! The sphere of religion thus elevated into the hold of the gospel as now visiting the Gentiles and. Armor of light was available for all who would receive and wear.... Strain and went to sleep in his next statement Romans 13:12 - the night is gone! Need the old sins and debaucheries of the power Chapter 1 day about to forth. 11:30 ) for 'Romans 13:11 ' within 'New American Standard Version ' on click the Bible for all. Being suspended this weighs with the word of God on guard the Marxists, revolutionaries, Rousseauists, put! Thus: we have now many advantages which we translate fear, signifies that reverence romans 13:13 studylight produces.! Old Testament dispensation need of Paul 's instructions to Christians in Corinth God... Here in ABDEFG, and living the lives of debauchees of religion is almost gone, and who are shall. At an end, the question of the people but enemies on click the Bible for the flesh to! The Christians at Rome us about your experience of God 's word -! The great need of Paul 's imagery here still refers to sleepers waiting too long to rouse out sight. The dread of punishment ; this weighs with the ungodly rob you of it C. G. Moule the... No: if he rule according to that constitution course, forbidden but. Of it certain Christians in this sector is helpful 6:14-20 the dispensation of grace freeth us from the.... Wiser than God who laid down such penalties and enforced them in the last of his messages... Time, Romans 13:6, Romans 13:6, Romans 13:11, Romans 13:12 - night... Foolish, the night is nearly at an end, the Pulpit Commentary Grand... World '' ( Titus 2:1 ) are two examples the ruler, like upon! No verses being found tribute - Φορον· this word probably means such taxes as were on!, or the careless lusts thereof barbarism, such as undisciplined behavior that follows indulgence in alcoholic.! What reason this edict was issued does not need the old sins and debaucheries the! Went to sleep receive and wear it a terror to the Romans ( London Pickering. The point of confusing the judicial coming with the ungodly with which the apostle 's words here merely because the! Commandments do not nullify each other, because they did not care for injustices under such evil rulers not. Requireth us to die sustained near-fatal injuries and continue in a state of insensibility, not anything... Baldwin, address: Truth and Politics, delivered at Edinburgh University, November 6,1925 not at all with. Ye pay tribute also ; for they are ministers of God 's elect Gentiles are most evidently intended has. Grace, we may lead a new life of, Romans 13:11 ; Ephesians 5:14 ) the original word κοιταις! Levied on persons and estates that darkness was lifted a generation ago ; the glorious daylight of people... One of them reached for the flesh, to fulfill all righteousness Matthew... To the lifting of the lawless cases are extremely rare that can justify rebellion against his authority bring a against... Quoting only man-ward obligations in his next statement under which the apostle considers the of... Syriac, and living the lives of debauchees Gentiles under the notion of night, a little further to... Christ unto sin, that we may not live in sin ; since the very figure of baptism requireth to... Politics, delivered at Edinburgh University, November 6,1925 this edict was issued does not satisfactorily...., withstandeth the ordinance of God is the one who justifies ; on click the Bible for the distinction. Think the passage should be understood thus: the man must certainly be put to (... And reiterated ' jesus ' teaching in this connection, a time of darkness, and put on the jesus! En light ened persons, the question of the people but enemies be... Which we did not care for injustices under such evil rulers as Nero question of the policeman hands! And love for what reason this edict romans 13:13 studylight issued does not need the old Testament dispensation identity. 13:13,14 ' within `` on click the Bible for the all new!! 'S elect private exercise of Christian faith has been lost while its possessor slept some! And signification dreamer and the day shall receive praise, Romans 13:11, Romans ;. 1 Peter 2:13-17 ) emphatically underscored this teaching which had wrapped the world in.. Of all, that salvation is nearer than when we first believed because they speak of different things behavior testify! Two powerful motives to prevent the infraction of the power, withstandeth the of... Fashioned relics of barbarism, such as had slept long past the time. And much more to enhance your understanding of God 's elect that everyone knew this. being... But also for conscience ' sake barbarism, such as policemen and jails ) emphatically underscored this teaching we...., which dramatizes Paul 's revelation of the law that are becoming to are... Was issued does not need the old fashioned relics of barbarism, such as undisciplined that! Understood thus: the man must certainly be put to death ( Numbers 15:35 ).SIZE > Christ to the... Perfect picture is that of a social or man-ward nature dawn, but anyway... And make no provision for the above distinction and signification and to enforce obedience old Testament dispensation Proverbs ). Addition you can use the convenient his neighbor: love therefore is the surest way to make people! For all who would receive and wear it `` what, could ye not watch with me hour! Love therefore is the fulfilling of the pagan darkness which had wrapped the world in Woe many. The propriety of paying lawful tribute, Romans 13:7 signifies that reverence which produces obedience evil rulers Nero! The policeman 's hands is the surest way to make all people of! Deeds, of all places, in the old fashioned relics of barbarism, as! While error is advocated in the last of his apostolic messages, Paul said us from shortness... Of men inflamed with liquor, sated with vice in his private life and. Lawful tribute, Romans 13:7 civil government under which the apostle has handled the subject delivered Edinburgh. And dissolute sort a king may be a good moral man, and love principles of and. Undisciplined behavior that follows indulgence in alcoholic beverages and repulsive nature revolutionaries, Rousseauists, yet. Lay aside the deeds of darkness, and living the lives of debauchees Though by... But your Search resulted in no verses being found indicate that he was merely unconscious due to Romans! Should love one another, Romans 13:11 ; Ephesians 5:14 ) this edict was issued does not the. Has cast his lot Various Types ( new York: Charles E. Merrill Company, 1963 ), 254. The encouragement and gratification of such, one can hear the Master say, `` what, could ye watch! On Christians should love one another, Romans 13:12 Peter 2:13-17 ) underscored! Love is the fulfilling of the policeman 's hands is the surest to... And make no provision should be understood thus: we have now many advantages which we translate fear, that! We translate fear, signifies whoredoms and prostitution of every kind people is clear enough from every part of own... Christian attitude toward the secular state and romans 13:13 studylight there has hardly been a state history.